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7 Easy Ways to Prevent & Remove Pet Hair in Your Car

Dogs sitting in car


As a dedicated pet lover, you always want to take your furry companion with you wherever you go. But the idea of having pet hair all over your car probably isn’t as appealing to you. You end up with fur on your clothes, your passengers get it on them, and, well, you know how it goes.

Here are 7 easy ways to eliminate pet hair in your car without making your fur baby stay home.

Reduce Shedding at the Source

Of course, decreasing how much your pet sheds is a great start to reducing the amount of hair that ends up in your car. Some pets shed more than others, but if you have a heavy shedder, then you know how challenging it can be to keep your belongings hair-free. Here are some top tips to reduce your pet’s shedding.

1. Brush Your Pet Regularly

It might seem obvious, but with life so busy these days, it can be tough to remember to brush your pet routinely. However, it’s a great way to limit the amount of pet hair in your car and everywhere else. Brushing your pet gets rid of all the loose and dead hairs instead of the fur ending up on your furniture, etc. Plus, it’s good for your pet’s coat and skin.

If you have a low-shedding breed, aim to brush your pet at least once a week. Twice a week is even better. For heavy shedders, a daily brush is ideal.

2. Bathe Your Pet Regularly

As with brushing, regular baths are also essential to keeping your pet healthy, happy, and shedding less. You can even try a de-shedding shampoo for a little extra help. Keep in mind that different breeds require different bath schedules. Some dogs and cats are okay with a monthly bath, while others might need a bath every week or two. 

Consult with your veterinarian or groomer to determine the best number of baths for your pet. You don’t want to over-bathe, as too much bathing can strip the coat of its natural oils. If you’re not up for the challenge of bathing your pet (maybe your cat turns into the Tasmanian Devil), find a reputable groomer to tackle the deed for you.

3. Talk to Your Vet About Your Pet’s Shedding

If your pet seems to shed unusually large amounts of hair, it’s worth discussing with your vet. There could be underlying issues at play, such as anxiety, lack of various nutrients, or allergies. Your vet can steer you in the right direction and provide recommendations to help reduce your furry friend’s shedding.

Your vet might suggest supplements, a change in diet, or specific shampoos to help keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. If your pet is dealing with things like anxiety or allergies, your vet can start the necessary treatment plan with you.

cleaning the back of an SUV with the FurDozer


Removing Pet Hair From Your Car

Unfortunately, even after reducing your pet’s shedding, you can’t completely eliminate pet hair altogether. It’s just a part of being a pet parent. Your pet’s fur will inevitably end up in your car. So what do you do?

1. Limit Where Your Pet Sits in the Car

Train your dog to stay in one spot when they’re in your vehicle. For cats, you likely want to keep them inside a comfortable carrier. But if your dog has a tendency to jump all over the car or frantically move about the interior, it’s time to nip that in the bud. Not only is it not safe for you or your pet, but it also gets your pet’s hair all over the place.

Try a seatbelt harness for your pet to keep them secure and in one spot. You’ll still likely have some stray hairs throughout your car, but the bulk of the fur will be in one place. At least this way, it will be easier to clean your car more quickly.

2. Seat Covers for Your Pet

Now that your pet knows to stay in the same place when they’re in the car, try a car seat cover for their special spot. Covers designed to protect your seat from your pet are available online and at pet stores. Some styles of covers lay across the backseat, or you can get a cover fitted for the passenger seat. You can also use a large blanket or towel in a pinch. 

When your pet’s fur gets on the cover, you simply shake out the cover and toss it in the washing machine to clean it. 

But not everyone likes the look of seat covers, and even if you do use them, hair still flies throughout the car. So that brings us to our next furbusting method of pet hair removal.

3. Keep the FurDozer in Your Car

As we just said, seat covers are a way to make cleanup easier and protect your seats, but pet hair still gets on things. What you need is an all-in-one tool that makes it a breeze to tackle pet hair on your car seats, in the crevices between them, on the floor mats, and more.

The FurDozer is small, lightweight, and easy to keep on hand whenever you need it. The FurDozer X6 features six tools that work on all surfaces, picking up pet hair, dirt, and debris, while remaining gentle on all fabrics. It works great on embedded hair, too, so no stray hairs get left behind.

Toss the FurDozer X3 MINI in your purse or glove box for easy on-the-go cleaning. Or, opt for one of the larger sizes (PRO or MEGA) if you need to tackle oversized areas, like your vehicle’s trunk space. No matter what amount of pet hair you need to eliminate, these handy tools are all you need to banish your pet hair problem.

4. Clean Your Car ASAP

Small messes are always easier to clean than large ones. So, after every car trip with your furry friendclean it. If you have the FurDozer, this is super simple and won’t take you a lot of time at all. 

Doing this will also keep your car from holding onto unpleasant pet odors as well. (An air freshener helps, too.)

Keep Your Car Free From Pet Hair

You don’t have to make your pet stay home to get rid of pet hair in the car. Follow the steps above to try and reduce pet hair before it gets to your vehicle. But inevitably, some will make its way to your seats, floors, and trunk, so make sure you always have a FurDozer on hand. This tool removes hair from the most challenging spots without damaging fabrics or surfaces.

Check out the Neater Pets blog for more helpful tips on parenting your pets. You’ll find cleaning tips, ideas for fun activities, resources about healthy pets, and much more. Remember, an informed pet parent leads to happy, healthy pets.



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