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Pet Hair Everywhere? Meet the FurDozer Pet Hair Remover

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Pets are amazing. They make you laugh, provide unconditional love, reduce stress, and do it all for a belly rub (and maybe some tasty treats). But pets don’t just fill a home with love. They also can fill it with unwanted pet hair on your furniture, clothes, curtains, and even in your car. Lucky for you, with the FurDozer, you can make pet hair struggles a thing of the past.

The FurDozer X6 and FurDozer X3 remove pet hair from all surfaces - carpets, cars, couches, clothes, and more. They even get out embedded hair that your vacuum leaves behind. Best of all, they won't cause any damage to your delicate fabrics and furniture, and they're a reusable and eco-friendly option that saves money and reduce waste. 

Stop stressing about your pet shedding everywhere and relax, knowing you finally have the perfect solution. Let's take a closer look at Neater Pets' new FurDozer Pet Hair Remover so you can banish your pet hair problem for good.

Why Every Pet Parent Needs a FurDozer

Pets shed. It’s just part of pet-parent life. Even if you have a low-shedding breed, you’ll likely have some stray hairs here and there.

The FurDozer provides a revolutionary solution to all your pet hair problems. Its unique, hi-tech design enables it to work on any surface, even delicate fabrics, leaving no trace of pet hair behind.

The patent-pending FurDozer loosens even the most embedded fur, grabbing it along with lint and other debris. 

8 Reasons to Choose the FurDozer

Here’s why the FurDozer is the only tool you'll need for pet hair removal.

  1. Picks Up More than Pet Hair — The FurDozer doesn’t just clean up pet hair. It also grabs onto dirt, debris, and lint, cleaning every surface and leaving behind a spotless finish.
  2. Won’t Damage Delicate Fabrics — Other pet-hair removal products can damage delicate fabrics, leaving marks, pulling threads, or worse. The FurDozer’s unique design is tough on pet hair but easy on delicate fabrics.
  3. Easy to Clean — Nobody wants to deal with emptying dirty compartments or tearing off sticky lint roller sheets. TheFurDozer is super easy to clean. All you do is rinse it off in the sink and let it dry.
  4. Portable and Easy to Use  The FurDozer’s compact design makes it easy to take with you on the go. Plus, there’s no cord to hassle with and no batteries to worry about changing.  Just grab it when you need to pick up pesky pet hair, and you can get the job done in seconds.
  5. Bright Color Makes It Easy to Spot  The vivid neon green color makes the FurDozer easy to spot. So you can get your hands on it when you need it without digging through a bunch of other stuff.
  6. Eco-Friendly  There are no sticky sheets to replace, filters to change out, or replacement pads to buy. All you need is the one tool that you can reuse again and again. This quality not only makes it easier on the environment but easier on your wallet, too (people spend millions on lint rollers every year).
  7. Made in the USA  The FurDozer is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
  8. A Tool for Every Space  Everyone’s fur babies are different, so your pet-hair-clean-up looks different too. That’s why the FurDozer comes in two models and multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. The two models of the FurDozer are the FurDozer X6 and FurDozer X3.
Women holding FurDozer X6

FurDozer X6 6-in-1 Pet Hair Remover

The FurDozer X6 features six fur-busting tools, each offering a different way to tackle pet hair problems. It measures approximately 7.5" H x 3.88" W x 1.75" D.

The FurDozer X6 showcases the following tools for plowing away pet hair.

  1. Multi-Featured Center Pad  The central pad has 35 textured rectangles and diamonds that work together to dig up embedded hair. This pad is a go-to for lots of surfaces. It works great on couch cushions, thick blankets, and deep-pile carpets and rugs.
  2. Large Squeegee  The large squeegee runs along the top of the main center pad. It works best on smooth surfaces, like clothing items and getting hair off bed sheets. You can also use it to gather hair into piles to pick up and throw away.
  3. Multi-Ridged Curved Pad  A multi-ridged curved pad is conveniently located between the large squeegee and the main pad. It isn't as textured as the main pad, so it's gentler and perfect for delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and velvet. 
  4. Small Squeegee  Below the multi-ridged pad is the small squeegee, which is more rigid than the larger one. It also works well on delicate fabrics. 
  5. Serrated Squeegee  When dealing with deeply embedded hair, the serrated squeegee is what you need. This textured tool is on the bottom of the main pad and helps to really dig hair out of most surfaces. 
  6. Crevice Tool — Are you tired of finding pet hair between your car seats, couch cushions, and stairs? The FurDozer’s crevice tool solves the problem. It’s on the tip of the handle, and its pointed shape makes it perfect for removing hair from these hard-to-reach areas.
Women holding FurDozer X3 Mega

FurDozer X3 3-in-1 Pet Hair Remover

The FurDozer X3 comes in three sizes ranging from MINI to MEGA to tackle jobs from small to large. 

MINI — Measures 3.5" L x 1.88" H x 0.88" W. The MINI's smaller size makes it great for keeping in your purse, backpack, or glove box for on-the-go cleaning.
PRO — Measures 5" L x 1.88" H x 0.88" W. The PRO is just the right size for most day-to-day clean-ups on things like couches and cars. 
MEGA — Measures 10" L x 1.88" H x 0.88" W. The MEGA is perfect for cleaning larger surfaces like rugs, carpets, and bedding.

      The FurDozer X3 features three powerful tools to help in your battle against pet hair.

      1. Six Small Ridges The top of the FurDozer X3 features six small ridges that work great on almost all surfaces, especially low-pile carpets, car seats, car mats, and more. 
      2. Three Larger Ridges On the bottom are three larger ridges. Since they’re larger and taller, they’re especially good for thicker blankets and deep-pile carpets. 
      3. Offset Squeegee There’s a fourth ridge on the bottom of the FurDozer 3-in-1 tool that is actually an offset squeegee blade. It’s ideal for smoother surfaces such as clothing and for gathering hair into a pile to finish a cleaning job.

      How to Use the FurDozer

      Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your FurDozer.

      • Always apply pressure when using the FurDozer. 
      • Use short, firm strokes when cleaning. 
      • Pull towards you. 
      • When cleaning loose fabrics, such as clothes, make sure to pull them tight so that you don't get resistance. 
      • Try out each different tool until you find the one that works best for the surface area you're cleaning. 

      Say Goodbye to Pet Hair Mess

      Your pet’s not going to stop shedding, no matter how many visits you make to the groomer. But with the FurDozer, you can say farewell to pet hair and hello to clean in a matter of moments. 

      Keep the X3 MINI in your purse for easy touch-ups when you’re out and about. Use the handy crevice tool on the X6 to knock out pet hair in your couch cushions. And grab the X3 MEGA to quickly get pet hair out of your carpet, rugs, and bedding.

      No matter which FurDozer you choose (or maybe you get a few), you won’t be sorry. Now you can spend less time cleaning up your pet’s fur and more time loving on your furry friend.

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      I recently ordered a Fur Dozer. I have a Pug and anyone who has ever known a Pug, they are lovable and great family dogs but shed like crazy 12 months out of the year. I do not know how I got along without a Fur Dozer. I use it every day and it was well worth the money,

      Pat Arnold,

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