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Dog Shedding 101

Dog paws with brush

Ah, spring is in the air, which means so is your pup’s hair. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, you can end up feeling like there’s more hair on your couch than on your dog. Some pups shed all of the time, while others tend to shed seasonally. In the spring, dogs start to shed more hair to prepare for the warmer weather heading their way.

While some breeds shed more heavily than others, ideally, you would rather your pup’s hair not end up all over your clothes, car, and furniture. Lucky for you, several tips can help you keep your furry friend's shedding under control. Plus, there are multiple products to help you banish pet hair for good.

Why Do Dogs Shed So Much?

Dog shedding isn’t necessarily a big mystery. It’s basically a classic case of out with the old and in with the new. Your dog sheds old or damaged hair, and new, healthy hair grows in its place. Shedding keeps your pup’s fur and skin healthy and looking good. Unfortunately, it isn’t the same case with your furniture. When dog hair covers your clothes, upholstery, and everything else, it can get frustrating.

In some cases, your pup can shed even more than usual (lucky you!), like times of high stress or if your dog has fleas or certain medical conditions, like a thyroid imbalance or allergies. If you think that your dog sheds way too much (as in more than is normal for the breed), then you can always make an appointment with your vet to rule out potential underlying issues that could be at play.


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How Much Do Dogs Shed?

When it comes to dogs, they’re all different, including how much they shed. If you’re looking for a new dog to add to the family and don’t want to deal with a lot of shedding, consider the breed. Assessing the shed level of various breeds might be a critical factor in helping you make your final decision.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular dog breeds and how much they shed, just to give you an idea.

Heavy Shedders

Light Shedders

Basset Hound

Airedale Terrier


American Bulldog




Bichon Frise

Doberman Pinscher

Boston Terrier

German Shepherd

Bull Mastiff

Great Dane


Golden Retriever

German Shorthaired Pointer

Labrador Retriever


Pembroke Welsh Corgi





Miniature Pinscher


Miniature Schnauzer

Saint Bernard

Old English Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog


Siberian Husky


Toy Fox Terrier

Shih Tzu

West Highland White Terrier (Westie)

Yorkshire Terrier


Tips for Limiting Your Dog’s Shedding

Of course, the best way to keep your dog’s hair off of your stuff is to control it better at the source. Regular brushing and bathing are essential, and there are also special shampoos that can help reduce shedding (when used regularly).

Nutrition also plays a part in helping reduce your pup’s shedding. Talk to your vet about giving your dog an Omega-3 supplement or ways you can add fish oil and Omega-3 to your dog’s diet

Finally, if your pooch tends to get nervous or anxious, offer ample opportunities for exercise, dog walks, and provide engaging toys, like the Rolly Cannoli. This helps your dog stay adequately stimulated, and the toys give your pup something to do while you’re away. Before a stressful event, like a vet visit, bath, or thunderstorm, let your pal spend some time with a lick mat; licking helps release endorphins that can help calm your pet (which means less shedding).

If you put these steps into practice, you should notice a visible change in how much your pup sheds. However, if your dog still sheds excessively, consult with your vet. As mentioned previously, there could be an underlying medical condition to blame.

In addition to a regular grooming routine, these products come in handy for battling crazy shedding:

Furminator De-shedding Tool

The FURmintaor features a unique, ergonomic design that helps reduce shedding comfortably and can decrease shedding from loose hair by up to 90%! The stainless steel comb reaches below the topcoat to help get rid of hair from the undercoat as well as loose hair. The tool comes in a version specifically for short-haired pups with hair two inches or less and a separate model for long-haired dogs with hair longer than two inches.

Furminator deSHEDDING Ultra-premium Dog Shampoo

This paraben-free shampoo consists of a natural ingredient blend, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and other key nutrients to help target shedding at the source. It increases the effectiveness of the FURminator deshedding tool and promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat. 

TrueTouch Deshedding Glove

This two-sided grooming glove does double-duty, helping remove loose hair from your pet’s undercoat with one side and tackling hair on your clothes and furniture with the other side. It features 260 silicone grooming tips that also help get through snags and tangles in your pup’s coat. It’s an excellent solution for dogs that get nervous about grooming and brushing since you can groom your pal with a loving stroke of the fur.

Nutri-Vet Shed Defense Soft Dog Chews

These tasty chews are rich in Omega-3 and other nutrients that help promote a healthy coat, healthy skin and reduce excessive shedding, all from the inside out. The chews have a hickory-smoked flavor your canine companion is sure to love, and you’re bound to love having less fur to clean off your couch.

Tips for Controlling Pet Hair on Your Belongings

Even with the most careful attention to regular brushing, baths, and other precautions, a dog’s going to do what a dog’s going to do — shed. You’re inevitably going to end up with dog hair on your clothes, couch, car seats, etc. (just hopefully not too much since you’re rocking the other tips).

Therefore, add the FurDozer to your arsenal in your battle against pet hair:

FurDozer Pet Hair Remover

The FurDozer X6 6-in-1 Pet Hair Remover and the FurDozer X3 3-in-1 Pet Hair Remover and the perfect tool to us against pet hair. Both models make cleaning pet hair a cinch, thanks to their hi-tech materials and multiple features. The FurDozer grips onto pet hair and removes it from every surface, including carpets, cars, couches, clothes, and more. These incredible tools are also reusable, making them eco-friendly and reducing waste. 

In addition to being the solution to your pet hair problem, the FurDozer is easy to clean. No more sticky lint roller sheets or emptying yucky hair catchers. Simply rinse it off in the sink and let it dry.

Both FurDozers are proudly made in the USA and feature an eye-catching, bright-green design. The vibrant color makes it easy to find so that you can handle messes in a jiffy. They also work on lint and other debris that makes its way onto your furniture, carpets, and clothes.

Once you start putting some of these tips and products into practice, you can stop spending so much time cleaning up your dog’s hair and more time playing with your pup instead. Your dog will shake with happiness, and that’s okay because now your precious pup won’t send a bunch of fur flying. For more helpful tips, check out the rest of our blog! You’ll find even more insight into raising a happy, healthy fur family.

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