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How to Make a DIY Pet Advent Calendar

Pet Advent Calendar


Advent calendars are a popular and fun way to countdown to Christmas, even if you don’t focus on the religious aspects. Kids have used Advent calendars for years, opening up a special part each of the 24 days to reveal a delightful surprise. But Advent calendars aren’t just for kids. Even your pets can get in on the fun with some fun DIY Advent calendars for dogs and cats.

You can make a DIY pet Advent calendar using tasty treats, pet toys, or their favorite food. Hide items in paper bags, wrap them, hang them up, or let your pet hunt and find their gift. Design your Advent calendar based on your pet’s personality and likes so they get a unique way to celebrate the holidays

It’s time to visit the craft store, load up on pet goodies, and get your creative juices flowing. These DIY pet Advent calendars are a fun way to show your furry friend some extra love during the holiday season.

DIY Advent Calendars for Cats or Dogs

These DIY ideas are suitable for dogs or cats, showcasing cute holiday-themed ways to disguise your pet’s favorite treats. They’re easy to make, cute, and only require a few simple supplies.

1. Christmas Tree Treat Tins

This cute idea from Honest & Truly gives your pet a tin full of tasty treats each day of the countdown. You simply arrange the 24 magnetic tins in the shape of a Christmas tree on a magnetic board. You can make numbered stickers on your computer or write them by hand as a quick way to number the tins.

2. 24 Stockings Until Christmas

This pet-friendly Advent calendar from Vital Essentials is all about stocking stuffers. Get 24 small stockings at your local craft store. Then use wire or string, nails, and some small clips to display the stockings on a board.

You can personalize the stockings or board with your pet’s name or images. Put your dog or cat’s favorite treats into a different stocking each day and let them discover where it is. If you want, you can remove the stocking after they discover it to add to the countdown effect.

3. Bespoke Advent Calendar

This charming calendar from PetGuide fits the bill for a crafty, homespun look. A sturdy piece of cardboard, Christmas craft supplies, and small plastic bags hold 24 days' worth of goodies.

Decorate it in a style that fits your personal taste, whether rustic, shabby chic, or a funky retro vibe. The idea is to let you and your pet’s personality shine through in the design.

4. Pawprint Pouches Advent Calendar

Although this calendar idea from All for the Memories says it’s for dogs, you could make it for your kitty too. It’s all about what you put inside the small drawstring pouches. Decorate them with a cute pawprint and the number, then hang them on a painted board.

Dog sitting in front of christmas tree

DIY Advent Calendars for Dogs

Your canine companion won’t be able to resist these puptastic versions of the holiday tradition.

1. Milkbone Advent Calendar

Check out this video from The Hallmark Channel to see how you can make a bone-shaped Advent calendar for your dog. It features numbered pockets, each holding a small treat for your pup to enjoy. 

Hang it up somewhere out of your dog’s reach, and let it become part of your holiday decor. Each day you can give your dog one of the treats. As the days pass, you'll probably notice that your pup will start to run over to the calendar in tail-wagging anticipation.

2. A Dog Toy a Day

Your DIY doggy Advent calendar doesn’t have to feature just treats. Gather some fun dog toys and other pet-centric items if you'd rather not use all edibles. 

Get 24 small brown paper bags, number them, and decorate them if you desire. You can clip them onto a board or string or place them on a couple of shelves. Inside each bag, you can put one small item for your pup.

Some suggestions for the bags are:

  • Squeaky toys
  • Tennis Balls
  • Nylabones
  • Chew sticks
  • Doggy sweaters or shirts (if your dog likes to wear clothes)
  • Treats
Cat sitting in christmas tree

DIY Advent Calendars for Cats

Do you have a lovable kitty at home that deserves the best of the best? Create an Advent calendar that’s specifically designed for cats to make them purr with delight.

1. 24 Days of Cat Toys

You can keep things simple with 24 small boxes you decorate with Christmas designs and numbers 1 through 24. Inside each box, place a small cat toy, like toy mice, jingle balls, catnip pouches, and more.

Every day during Advent, give your cat one of the boxes and let them have fun trying to open the box. Help them out if they need a hand, and then engage in a fun play session together.

2. Hide-and-Seek Advent Calendar

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, the concept in this cat Advent calendar tutorial is an excellent option for an extra playful kitty. You’ll need a cardboard box and something to cut out 24 different shapes. 

You’ll also need tissue paper to serve as an extra layer between your cat and their tasty treats. In this video, they use many elaborate shapes, but you can opt for a more straightforward grid pattern to simplify things.

Keep the Holidays Safe

If you plan to leave your pet’s Advent calendar out in the open, make sure it’s somewhere your dog or cat can’t reach it. Your top priority should be creating a safe holiday for your pet

Also, ensure everything inside and on the calendar is pet-friendly. Then, only let your pet interact with the calendar when you’re around. Don’t leave them alone with it. For a curious feline that loves to climb, you might have to put the calendar away when you’re not at home.

Don’t Have Time to Make an Advent Calendar?

It’s no secret that the holidays get super busy. If making a DIY Advent calendar for your dog or cat doesn’t fit into your schedule, no sweat. 

Nowadays, you can find calendars for your faithful furry companions ready-made at popular stores. Places like Target, Wal-Mart, PetSmart, and many others have pet-friendly options on their shelves. You can also find different versions of the holiday countdown calendars online with a quick Google search.

Of course, making your own carries an extra-special touch since you’re catering it to your fur baby. If you love the idea of a more homemade calendar, but don’t have the crafty gene, check out Etsy or hire a creative friend. 

Or, you can go super simple. Get 24 small gift boxes, put a treat in each one, and stack them up. Remember, your pet is more excited about what’s waiting inside than what the calendar looks like.

Whether making or buying, incorporating a pet Advent calendar into your holiday activities is a fun way to celebrate with your pal. For even more fun ideas on how to spend time with your pet, check out the rest of our blog. You’ll also find helpful holiday tips and more, ready to inspire you to be an amazing pet parent. 

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