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10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Pet

dogs in front of Christmas tree and stockings

Christmas shopping can be lots of fun, but it can also be a little tricky when you don’t quite know what to get for those near and dear to your heart. When you’re picking out the perfect gift for your family members, it can take a lot of time and effort. After all, you want it to be just right, and that goes for your furry friends, too. Sure, it’s nice to get some useful items (hello, poop bags!) under the tree, but your pet is probably hoping for some more festive things too. But, once you find the perfect gift for your fur babies, don’t forget to round out your holiday shopping with some fun pet stocking stuffers!

dogs begging in front of Christmas tree

Best Stocking Stuffers for Dogs


If you're looking for dog stocking stuffers, keep your pup's personality and preferences in mind. For example, if your dog is a big-time chewer, then some heavy-duty chew bones are an excellent choice. If your canine companion loves a challenge, then an interactive toy is just the ticket, or if your pooch is a gourmet, maybe a tasty treat or two is just what Santa ordered.

If you're celebrating the holidays with a brand new doggy pal, then opt for a variety of goodies since you're still learning your dog's favorite things. Take a peek at these fun options for stocking stuffers for your dog.


Claudia's Bakery Candy Cane of Dog Treats


This canine candy cane takes a classic stocking stuffer and turns it into a dog-friendly gift for pups of all ages! The plastic tube is full of yummy, colorful treats in pooch-inspired shapes like bones, fire hydrants, and more, featuring one of every dog’s favorite flavors -- real peanut butter! The treats are baked in small batches and full of wholesome goodness that is sure to make your pup smile.

Rolly Cannoli

Toys are always a winner inside your pet’s Christmas stocking! The Rolly Cannoli combines a tasty treat with the stimulation and challenge that your dog needs to stay engaged. This gift not only is tons of fun for your dog, but it will help your dog feel better and persuade him not to spend so much of his solo time barking and whining.

Benebone Multipack Durable Dog Chew Toy

Do you have a chewer in the house? Give your furry friend this four-pack of durable chew toys, infused with real bacon that can keep him busy and satisfied for hours! The chews come in fun shapes that make it easy for your pup to grip and chew, and they are the perfect size for dogs under 60 pounds.


Merry and Bright™ Holiday Snowballs

Does your dog love to play fetch, chase balls, and just have a good time? Then it’s time to have a snowball fight! These adorable squeaky snowballs feature fun snowman faces that are sure to keep your dog happy and having a ball (pun intended)! Plus, it’s a six-pack, so it’s the perfect gift to share with some other pup pals!

Zesty Paws Lil’ Zesties Calming Squares

The holidays are often filled with exciting times, and sometimes all that activity can be a little much for your canine companion. So, why not give him something in his stocking that can help him feel at ease? These tasty chews combine a blend of various ingredients, like chamomile, melatonin, and passionflower, designed to calm your pup and reduce stress and anxiousness.

cat with Christmas bow

Best Stocking Stuffers for Cats


If you have a finicky feline, then you might want to choose a few different items to fill her stocking. Whether your cat loves toys, is a treat fanatic, or could use some extra catnip, these options have you covered!

Whisker CityⓇ Tinsel Balls

This four-pack of tinsel balls are the perfect stocking stuffer, whether you want to indulge your cat in a game of toss or she wants to enjoy some solo playtime. The shiny glimmer of these rolling toys will undoubtedly catch your cat’s eye.

Merry and Bright™ Holiday Catnip Candy Cane

There’s really no stocking stuffer quite as classic as a Christmas candy cane, and now, your kitty can have her very own, complete with a catnip surprise. This colorful holiday toy is sure to keep your cat engaged and in a very good mood.

ShebaⓇ Meaty Tender Sticks

Your cat is sure to purr with satisfaction over these scrumptious meaty treats, made with real chicken and perfect for an irresistible snack. You can feed her a complete stick or opt to break one up for smaller tasty treats throughout the day. Each pack comes with five full sticks.

Frisco Holiday Stocking Variety Pack

Not sure what to get your finicky feline? Sometimes cats can be a little fickle, but that’s part of their charm. If your kitty tends to like different things from day to day, then this variety pack is the perfect stocking for her. It features an assortment of 25 different cat-approved toys, from chasers to plushies, and many more. Plus, it’s already nicely packaged in a stocking, so you’re ready to go!

Greenies Feline SmartBites Hairball Control

It’s always nice to share a little something useful in your friend’s stocking, and for cats, it’s always helpful to have some hairball control. Help your tabby keep those pesky hairballs at bay with these chicken-flavored treats that contain a healthy array of vitamins and nutrients. Because all your kitty wants for Christmas is NOT another hairball.

Tips for Safe Pet Stocking Stuffers

When selecting your stocking stuffers, consider your pet's age and size. For example, many different types of dog toys and other items are made for specific sizes of dogs. Giving your large dog a goody meant for a small pup could present a choking hazard.

On the other hand, if you get your pet an item that's too large for her size, it can be overwhelming and difficult to handle. In some cases, your small fur-baby might not even be able to pick it up. The same is true for animals of different ages. Some toys are designed for young pets, while others are made for senior pets. Therefore, read the packaging of any items you’re thinking about getting before you purchase them to note the size and life-stage recommendations.

Also, if you have very inquisitive pets, make sure there's nothing in their stockings that they shouldn't have unsupervised. If your curious kitty goes exploring, or your mischievous pup starts digging through his stocking early, you want to ensure everyone stays safe.

If you do have very nosy pets at home, then it might be best to put their stockings somewhere out of reach until the big reveal. This is also a good idea for any stockings that are for the humans in your family. Many treats that end up in your stocking can be hazardous for your dog, like chocolate and coffee, so make sure you hang your stockings with care -- out of your pet’s reach.

No matter what you end up putting in your pet's Christmas stocking, your furry friend is sure to have a blast discovering it on Christmas morning. For more helpful tips on how to celebrate the holidays with your pets, check out the rest of our blog! We've got fun tidbits and advice from gift ideas to holiday safety, traveling with your pets, and more! From all of us at Neater Pets, we wish everyone a very Happy “Howl”iday and a “Meowy” Christmas!

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