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15 Best Gifts for All Dog Lovers This Year

15 Best Gifts for All Dog Lovers This Year

As the holiday season approaches, you’re probably already trying to sneak in some shopping, searching for the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and maybe a Secret Santa or two. If you’re a dog lover, then you also likely have a few four-legged friends on your list too, but don’t forget about their devoted owners! When it comes to dog lovers, some of the perfect presents are the ones that remind them of their loyal, furry friends. 

Nowadays, the world recognizes just how obsessed people can be with their pets, and companies have responded with all kinds of intriguing and delightful pet-inspired products. Plus, there are tons of ways you can get creative with your gift-giving with homemade surprises, various experiences, and thoughtful mementos. 

From the quirky to the practical, these 15 gifts for dog lovers are sure to put a smile on any pup-parent’s face! 

dog sitting in front of Christmas lights

Practical Gifts for Dog Lovers

Good for Dog Lovers

If you love dogs, then anything that serves a function in your life can be better when it includes a pup or two! Whether it’s clothing, dishware, or office supplies, adding some canine flair to an item makes it even better for a devoted dog owner. 

Dog Breeds Spiral Notebook -- What better way for a dog lover to jot down important thoughts and reminders than a notebook sporting various dog breeds? It’s the perfect way for any dog fan to keep track of to-dos or even sketch out some fun dog drawings.

Dalmatian Bottle Opener -- Whether your pal has a dalmatian of her own or is a fan of this beautiful, spotted breed, this bottle opener is the perfect practical and fun gift! While you're at it, why not give your pal a bottle or two of her favorite beverage to go along with it?

Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat -- Perhaps one of the most iconic welcome mats for dog owners, this durable mat is the perfect touch for a dog lover’s entryway. It’s cute and practical, helping keep dirt and debris off of your floors.

Dog Mom Baseball Hat -- This cute cap is comfy and stylish, and it’s the perfect touch for your gal pal that’s crazy for canines. The low-profile design is a great look, and the cap comes in a variety of different denim washes.

Customizable Flip Calendars -- Give your friend a real surprise with a customized calendar featuring her beloved pup (or pups).  Design and upload the pics you want in the calendar, and the company sends you the completed product. You can also opt to get your friend personalized mugs, bookmarks, mousepads, and much more.

Good for Dog Lovers and Pups

Some items help make life easier for a dog owner. Often, these items also benefit your loveable pooch in some way, too, making them a win-win!

Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker -- Keep track of how your pup feels and where he is with this handy tracker. You get a 24-hour view of your pet’s day, weekly wellness updates, and you can choose from 6 fun colors. And if your pup decides to go on an unplanned journey, you can find him in no time and make sure he gets home safe and sound. 

Fusion Art Screen Dog Gate -- Safety is essential, but it doesn’t have to be boring. This gift lets any dog owner puppy-proof her home in style with its bold design. 

Decorative Dog Bowl -- Obviously, a dog needs a dog bowl for his food and water, but you don’t need to keep a boring doggy dish on display. If your friend likes to keep things stylish at home, then a decorative dog bowl can be the perfect gift to help her keep her kitchen stylish while still being convenient for her pups. 

smiling labrador with bow on it's head

Just for Fun

Okay, so sometimes you might give a gift to someone that he doesn’t actually need, but it’s so amazing that he absolutely loves it anyway! That’s what these gifts are all about; because we all need some fun and quirkiness in our lives!

Good for Dog Lovers

Dogs on Instagram -- This fun coffee table book is perfect for dog lovers, and it's created by dog-lovers too! This book is full of colorful pics, featuring over 400 crowdsourced photos of some of the most adorable, zany, and cool pups from the @dogsofinstagram channel. 

Custom Dog Phone Case -- Okay, so you could probably argue that this gift could be in the practical section, but it’s still super fun! Imagine having your actual pup’s visage on your phone case, custom-drawn, and giving you puppy dog eyes every time you pull out your iPhone.  When you're out and about missing your fur baby, just pull out your phone for a peek. 

Good for Dog Lovers and Pups

Matching Collar and Friendship Bracelet -- A dog is man’s best friend, so why not have matching friendship collars and bracelets? This gift shows your dog-loving friend you understand entirely just how much her dog means to her. The sets come in several sizes and are available in pink, blue, and green. 

Furbo Dog Camera -- True, this gift can have some practical uses too, but it’s also going to be great fun for your pooch. After all, one of its features is it dispenses treats! You can also check in on your pup and communicate with her through this dog-friendly gadget, as well as snap some photos of your pooch in action.

person giving a gift to a yorkshire terrier dog

Gifts That Keep on Giving

If you want to add a little something extra to your gift, consider purchasing an item that supports animals in need. Many products agree to donate a percentage of sales to specific animal shelters, canine programs, and foster and rescue organizations. There is nothing nobler for a dog lover than lending a helping paw to those in need, so these types of gifts truly are extra-special. 

Rescue Dog Soy Candle -- This handmade, elegant 100% soy wax candle features a black silhouette of your favorite breed on a reusable glass. A percentage of every purchase goes to various charities supporting dog rescue services.

Customized Dog Portraits -- These unique portraits take a photo of your dog and transform it into a genuinely pup-tacular work of art. Portions of the proceeds go toward helping with various dog rehabilitation, rescue, and rehoming efforts. 

Dog-Themed Garden Flags -- Drive by pretty much any house these days, and you'll see a variety of colorful garden flags that celebrate homeowner’s favorite things. Purchase one of these cute pup flags for your favorite dog lover, and you'll also feed five shelter dogs. 

When you give the dog lover in your life a fantastic gift, it’s always nice to include something for Fido too. Why not an interactive, irresistible toy like the Rolly Cannoli? Dogs love it, and your pal will love how it keeps her furry friend engaged and stimulated.

Whenever you're looking for useful resources that can help you learn more about your furry friends, let Neater Pets be your go-to place for fun facts, helpful tips, and more. Check out the rest of our blog for all things dog and cat-related! You'll find everything you need to be the ultimate pet parent.

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