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DELUXE Neater Feeder - Hunter Green & Stone

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Size Chart

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Neater Feeder Deluxe Size Chart

Care information

We recommend you empty the water basin frequently to avoid bacteria build-up or insects.

Both the Neater Feeder and the bowls are dishwasher safe. Put the Neater Feeder on the top rack. Bowls can go on either rack.

DELUXE Neater Feeder - Hunter Green & Stone

Our best-selling mess-proof feeder protects your floors and walls from food and water spills.

Limited Edition Color with Limited Quantities - Made of eco-friendly plastic containing rice hull.
Image showing how the Neater Feeder works

Neater Feeder Benefits

Protect your home from messy eaters with the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Cats and Dogs. Inspired by our own pets, the Neater Feeder features a patented design that contains all spilled food and water inside the feeder and off your floors and walls. To do this, we created the Neater Feeder with protective walls that contain splashes from an inadvertent kick or an over-zealous pet. The Neater Feeder also has ample area around the bowls to collect spilled pieces of kibble. Since we didn’t want the water collecting on the top of the feeder, we created a gentle slope in the front that water easily flows down, passing through a filter that removes any food, and into a bottom water reservoir. The basin at the bottom can safely contain more than an entire bowl of spilled water, so you don’t have to worry about emptying it right away. By keeping water and food off your floor, the Neater Feeder prevents floor damage, accidental slips and falls, and saves time spent cleaning! And since the spilled food on the top stays dry and clean, you can reuse it at your pet’s next meal — saving you money! The Neater Feeder is also an elevated feeder. Using raised bowls helps improve your pet’s digestion and prevent joint pain. Create a cleaner and healthier eating environment for your pets with the Neater Feeder Deluxe.

The Neater Feeder is made of BPA-free plastic in the USA. Stainless steel bowls are Made in India. Both the feeder and bowls are top-rack dishwasher safe. 

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Watch the Neater Feeder in Action!

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Product Features

Learn more about the DELUXE Neater Feeder

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Express or Deluxe?

Unsure which Neater Feeder is best for you and your pet? Here is a comparison chart of the different models.

A table comparing the facets of 3 products
Neater Feeder Express Small Gunmetal
EXPRESS Neater Feeder
View details
Deluxe Medium Dog Aqua raised Neater Feeder dog bowls
DELUXE Neater Feeder
View details
Medium Deluxe Neater Feeder in Midnight Black with leg extensions
DELUXE Neater Feeder with Leg Extensions
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From $24.99
From $38.99
From $42.99

4 colors available

7 colors available

7 colors available

SizeSmall, Medium to Large, Cat - Shallow BowlsSmall, Medium, Large, Cat - Shallow BowlsSmall Dog, Medium Dog, Large Dog, Cat
Compatible with leg extensions
Compatible with leg extensions
Has taller splash guards
Has taller splash guards
Made with heavier gauge plastic
Made with heavier gauge plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Deluxe vs. Express

What is the difference between the two models?

Both are great mess-proof feeders. But the Deluxe has a few extra features, such as the ability to add leg extensions, higher splash guards, a higher feeding position, and an extra-capacity water bowl to keep your pet hydrated.


What size should I order for my pet?

You can click here for a link to our size chart. We also have a blog post dedicated to which feeder we suggest for common dog breeds.

Leg Extensions

How do I add the leg extensions?

This video will give you instructions on how to add the leg extensions to your Neater Feeder.

Can I add large leg extensions to a small feeder?

No, all leg extensions must match the original feeder size. If you ordered a small feeder, you would order small leg extensions, medium would have medium, and large would have large.

Can I stack/add multiple pairs of leg extensions?

No, each feeder can only have one pair of leg extensions attached.

I am not sure if I need leg extensions, can I add them later?

Yes. We sell the leg extensions separately.


Can I order a larger bowl than what my feeder came with?

The bowl openings for the feeders vary by size. This means that the bowls that came with your feeder are the only sized bowls that will fit that particular feeder. However, if you want to have two large capacity water bowls, you can order an extra bowl in the larger size.

I like to have extra bowls on hand, do you sell the bowls separately?

Yes! You can buy extra bowls here.

I am replacing my bowls, what size bowl do I need for my feeder?

  • Cat: Food - 1 Cup, Water - 1.5 Cup Shallow
  • Small: Food - 1.5 Cup Deep, Water - 2.2 Cup
  • Medium: Food - 3.5 Cup, Water - 5 Cup
  • Large: Food - 7 Cup, Water - 9 Cup

Is the feeder BPA-free? Are the bowls lead-free?

Yes, the feeder is BPA-free and our bowls are lead-free.


My feeder doesn't look like the picture/is missing a splash guard.

It is likely that your Neater Feeder is upside down. We ship the Neater Feeder top nested over the base. This video will explain to you how to unbox and assemble the Neater Feeder. If you are still missing parts, please reach out to customer service.

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