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5 Top Winter Boots for Dogs

5 Top Winter Boots for Dogs

Whether you’re the type to dress up your dog or not, if you live in a chilly winter climate, protecting your pooch from the cold is essential. Sure, a pup’s paws are designed in a way to offer some protection from the elements, but think about it, how would you feel if you had to walk in the snow or cold rain with just your socks on your feet? Brrrr! 

 In all seriousness, your dog's paws can actually withstand some pretty frigid temps thanks to his unique circulatory system (more on this later). But, there are more things than just cold that your pooch can pick up from the snow. So, when your summer activities make way for winter adventures, make sure your dog is ready for anything!


Why Does Your Dog Need Winter Boots?

Sure, boots can keep your pet's feet warm, but he can do a pretty good job of this on his own. Your pup circulates blood differently than you, resulting in the least amount of body heat escaping from his paws. Basically, this keeps his tootsies pretty warm, even if he's walking in snow.

However, it's essential to keep your pup's feet clean and healthy, especially from chemicals he can pick up in the snow such as deicers and the like. (If you suspect your dog got a lick of something toxic, call the Pet Poison Hotline at (855)764-7661). 

Wearing boots is a great way to keep unsafe products and elements off of your dog's paws, and consequently, off of your floors and furniture. After a walk, jog, or outdoor play session, simply take off your dog's boots and leave them (and the funk) on your porch until you can clean them. 

Also, your dog might not feel the cold too much on his feet, but that doesn't mean his feet won't react to cold, dry weather. Exposure to these types of conditions can make your dog's paws raw and cracked. Dog boots are a great layer of protection against things like this, as are special balms like Musher’s Secret.

Therefore, before you take Fido for a walk this winter, make sure you have him properly prepared with some awesome dog gear. These dog winter boots are just the ticket to keep your pup’s feet toasty, protected, and healthy, so you don’t have to miss out on any fun outside time when the temperature drops.


Five Top Winter Boots for Dogs

RUFFWEAR Polar Trex Waterproof Dog Boots

RUFFWEAR Polar Trex Waterproof Dog Boots

These dog boots are waterproof and offer excellent protection against cold to extreme-cold weather conditions. They are weather-resistant, but also breathable, offering maximum comfort for your pooch. The durable hook-and-loop closure provides a snug and secure fit so your pup can run and play without worrying about losing his shoes (if Cinderella had these, things might have gone differently). 

The boots also feature a reflective trim, so they’re perfect for night excursions or areas with low-light. Pair them up with a reflective leash, and your pooch will be safe and sound on your next adventure. The best part is, when your journey is done, these boots can go in the washing machine; just wash in cold water on your machine’s gentle cycle, then air dry. 


QUMY Pets Dog Winter Boots

QUMY Pets Dog Winter Boots

These waterproof, non-slip boots are perfect for medium to large breed dogs that like to go, go, go in the snow!  These breathable boots provide a comfortable and snug fit while protecting your precious pup’s paws from snow, ice, salt, and other extreme conditions. You can choose from a variety of sizes and all of the boots feature a non-slip, rugged sole and reflective tape for ultimate safety. Depending on your dog’s style, you can get these boots in black or red.



QUMY Pets Small Dog Boots

QUMY Pets Small Dog Boots

If your pup is a smaller size, these are the boots for you! Available in a variety of sizes geared toward a smaller fit, these snug boots will stay in place and keep your pal’s paws safe from harm. These winter boots are specially designed for small dogs and offer an anti-slip sole that helps give your pup better traction on slick surfaces. This quality also makes these boots a great option for older dogs that might have mobility issues on smooth floors (or if your dog gets a lot of cases of the Zoomies). The boots are made with a high-quality, waterproof fabric, making them perfect for adventures in the rain and snow.




These flexible, waterproof boots feature a double-fastener system that makes them super easy to get on and off of your pup. Whether you’re playing on the ice or snow, your dog’s paws will stay safe and dry, and the non-skid sole will help keep your canine companion on his toes. Plus, the velcro straps include reflective seams, adding an extra layer of safety for your pet. Also, these boots feature a cute paw-print design, so your furry friend can make a fashion statement while keeping his paws safe and sound.


Fashion Pet Extreme All-Weather Boots 

Fashion Pet Extreme All-Weather Boots

These high-quality pup boots are made from a durable, breathable nylon that is made to last. Waterproof on the outside and fleece-lined on the inside for maximum warmth and comfort, your pup is sure to welcome these cozy additions when he’s frolicking in the snow. These boots come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large, and they provide a secure fit that makes it easy for your dog to get around. Plus, they feature a reflective stripe so your pup can have some winter fun whether it’s day or night!


What Happens If a Dog’s Paws Get Too Cold?

Even though your dog might not feel the cold like you do, that doesn't mean he can go bare-pawed in every temp. Most pups can handle about 45-degrees, but going lower could get dicey (at least without some protection). Even dogs that you might associate with cold climates, like Huskies, need some protection from the elements when they become extreme.

If your pup seems to have cold feet (and we're not talking nervousness here), there could be a more serious issue at play, namely with his circulation or heart. In this situation, playing it safe is always best, so take your furry friend to the vet for a checkup.


How to Get the Perfect Fitting Dog Boots

Don't choose your dog's boot size based on weight alone. You have to look at your pup's feet. After all, some small dogs can have big paws and vice versa. Measure your dog's paw to get an accurate indication of the size boot he needs. The boots should fit snugly, not slip, and allow your dog to move freely without looking like he's doing some weird, interpretive doggy dance. 

 dog in snow near shovel

How To Measure Your Dog’s Paw

Have your dog stand on a piece of paper. Use a pencil to mark the front and back of his paw, including his toenail, and along the right and left sides of his paw. You don’t have to trace the paw. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the front and back lines to get your pup’s paw length and between the right and left lines for the width. Another option is to wet your dog’s paw, and make a footprint impression on the paper to measure the length and width. If you opt for this method, you probably want to refrain from dipping your dog's paw in his water bowl, he might learn bad habits. 

Are you ready to get out in the snow with your pal? If you need more tips about caring for your pooch in winter (and every other season), check out the rest of our blog! At NeaterPets, we’re all about giving you the information you need to be an incredible pet parent!

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