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12 Fun Summer Activities To Do with Your Dog

puppy dog outside with soccer ball

Have some fun-in-the-sun and enjoy summertime with these pup-friendly ideas

When summer rolls around you might dream of weekends at the beach, family vacations, or maybe simply enjoying a relaxing evening breeze on your patio as you sip on something refreshing. What about your dog? What summer activities do you think your dog dreams about when the season starts to turn up the heat? 

Maybe he thinks about splashing around in a cool pool, or chasing squirrels at the park, or chowing down on some doggy ice cream; but no matter what his pleasure, the odds are he’d be happy anywhere as long as you were by his side. When you accept the privilege of being a dog owner, you also accept a whole laundry list of responsibilities but always remember one of the most essential things you can provide to your pup is bonding time and affection. 

Spending special time with your dog helps build trust and strengthen your relationship. Therefore, treat your dog to some fun-filled summer adventures and quality time by participating in activities together. You can even take your pooch along with you on a classic road trip if that’s your cup of tea. You know your dog best, so think about his personality and decide how you and your pup can best spend your time together in the summer. 

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12 Summer Dog Activities

For the most part, dogs love to play (some breeds more than others) and a lot of dogs enjoy being out in the sunshine. Summertime provides a great opportunity for your canine companion to soak up some time in the sun and experience things that he might not get to do during other seasons. For example, water play is great for the hot, humid summer months, but not the best when it comes to cool fall days or crisp winter mornings. 

Of course, there are also a bunch of experiences that you and your pup can indulge in that don’t involve water; again, it’s all up to your personal preferences. You might want to take your pup on an outing, or just have some fun together at home, or you might want to travel with your furry friend by your side. If you’re trying to decide the most fitting way to spend summertime with your pooch, check out some of these awesome activities to get started on your sunny adventure:


brown chihuahua dog standing outside

Activities Away from Home

There are a number of different opportunities for you and your dog to explore away from home. Some of these suggestions may involve your pup being indoors or in certain areas where he can’t use the bathroom, so make sure you've aced potty training before you bring your pooch into someone else's domain. Also, if your journeys take you away from home, always leave prepared with the things your pup will need, like a collapsible water bowl, toys, and doggy treats. If you're looking for something to do with your pal that gets you both out of the house, try out some of these activities:

  • Take a Beach Hike

You could take a hike in the woods, but you can also hike with your dog along the beach and let him frolic in the surf and sand. Bring a ball or frisbee along to toss around with your pup and pack a picnic to enjoy.

  • Explore a Farmer’s Market

Why not get some shopping done with your pal at your side? Many farmer’s markets are okay with dogs coming along for the visit as long as you keep your pal on a leash; some of the vendors might even have a special treat for your pooch. 

  • Dog-Friendly Dining

There are a number of different restaurants that welcome dogs and offer patio seating. Take your dog out for some al fresco dining and enjoy a beautiful day together as you people (and pup) watch while enjoying a bite to eat. Bring your dog’s dish and some of his food or treats to munch on; many dog-friendly restaurants will provide a water dish for your pup to use during your visit.

  • Get Campy

Take your pup for a weekend in the woods, whether you spend it in a trailer or a tent, or even a dog-friendly cabin at a campsite. You and your dog will have a blast enjoying the great outdoors, cuddling by a campfire, or maybe even spending some time fishing out on the lake (you can get your pup his own life-jacket). Remember that any time you spend out in wooded areas will increase the potential for ticks getting on your dog, so discuss flea and tick prevention options with your vet. 

  • Catch a Movie

A drive-in movie, that is. If you live in an area that has a drive-in, check with the theater to see if they welcome pups. Many theaters are fine with your dog enjoying the show as long as he stays in your car or on a leash with you. Some drive-ins might even offer a special dog-friendly area where you can take your pup when he needs a potty break. 

dog laying outside in grass

Activities To Do at Home with Your Dog

Some days you might just feel like hanging around the house, but your pup still wants to play. If you're looking for something a little more "homeward bound" to do with your dog in summer, give these activities a try:

  • Sprinkle, Swim, and Splash

It’s an oldie but a goodie; splashing around with some cool water play. Take your dog for a romp through the sprinkler, play water games with the garden hose, or if you have a pool, let your pup go for a swim! You can even get a kiddie pool and toss some of your pup’s favorite toys into it so he can have his own personal splash zone. Make sure to always watch your pup around water, even if he’s a brilliant swimmer.

  • Make an Icy Treat

Dogs love to eat things that are cold, especially when it’s hot outside, so how about making some doggy popsicles, or a “pup cup” of shaved ice?

  • Host a Pet Party

Invite some friends, of both the human and dog variety, over to your backyard for an old-fashioned barbecue or picnic. You can grill some outdoor favorites and include some tasty dog-friendly treats for the canine crowd. For some extra fun, set up a doggy obstacle course and watch as your pooch and his pals have a ball together, while you enjoy some time hanging out with friends and family. 

  • Enjoy an Evening Stroll

Sometimes, when temps are on the rise, your dog might enjoy a nighttime walk to enjoy the evening breeze. If you’re walking your pup later at night, consider using a reflective leash to make you and your pooch easy to spot.

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Dog-Friendly Summer Escapes 

Summertime is a popular time to go on vacation. When you take a trip, you may have a friend or family member that dog sits for you, or you may use a boarding facility, but why not think about taking your pup with you?

There are actually quite a few summer destinations that are not only dog-friendly but go above and beyond to cater to your pup. You'll need to show your dog's proof of vaccinations, and some resorts may even wish to see a certificate showing that your dog completed basic obedience training. If you'd like your companion to accompany you on your summer vacay, consider one of these doggy getaways that go all out to make you and your dog feel welcome:

This amazing resort at the foot of the famed red rocks offers spa treatments for pups, pet-sitting services, in-room play, dog walking services, and it features a restaurant that showcases a pet menu for in-room dining or enjoying on the restaurant’s porch.  There are special events geared toward dogs and a whole lot more! 

Located in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley, this resort boasts 37,000 sprawling acres, including 100 miles of hiking trails. They know just how to welcome your canine companion, offering a doggy bed, a tennis ball, dishes, collars, and yummy, locally-made treats.

This resort welcomes dogs up to 50-pounds and provides a dog bed, bowls, and treats. The hotel also offers a special Puppy Love package for couples and their pooch that treats pups to in-room dining delights like grilled salmon and filet mignon, while you get to enjoy champagne and treats of your own. Plus, it includes pet sitting for two hours so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner for two. 

german shepard outside in grass with flower pot

Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

Of course, it’s nice to think of summertime as all fun and games, but when the temps rise, so does your pup’s chances for certain dangerous issues like overheating and dehydration. These are problems that can quickly escalate into more serious conditions, and even death, if they are left unaddressed for too long.  Therefore, when it comes to summer dog activities, remember to play it safe when you’re having fun.

It’s crucial to pay extra close attention to your dog when he is engaging in different activities that take place outside or in other hot environments. Be smart about the choices that you make, and never hesitate to act on any gut feeling you may have about your pup’s behavior. 

Ensure that your dog always has access to cool, freshwater. Serving your pup’s water in a bowl designed to keep things nice and chill, like the Neater Feeder Polar Bowl, will encourage your pup to drink his fill. The double-insulated design has a gel core in between its layers that gets ice-cold in the freezer so it can keep your dog’s water nice and refreshing for hours. 

It's also advisable to provide several shady options for your pup so he can beat the heat if he needs to spend time outdoors. You can set up a comfy spot for your pal under a large tree, or get him an airy doghouse, or let him lounge under a patio chair; as long as he has someplace to go to escape direct sunlight and get some relief from the heat. 

Ready to start gearing up for some summer adventures with your best friend? Make sure you’re prepared by checking out the rest of our blogs for some more helpful pointers on how to be a great pet-parent. You’ll also find a few things that your dog might like to pack in his bags for your travels. Wherever the summer sun takes you, the team at Neater Pets is always here to help you with the journey.

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