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10 Scary Movies (with Dogs!) To Watch This Halloween

10 Scary Movies (with Dogs!) To Watch This Halloween

As summer comes to a close, so do many summer activities, but soon a whole new world of fun opens up with the fall! When Halloween approaches, you might start thinking of tricks and treats, goblins and ghouls, and of course, a horror movie marathon! If you’re planning an all-night fright-fest with your favorite canine companion, what better way to do it than with a host of scary movies featuring dogs? 

If your pup would rather hide his eyes with his paws, don’t worry, some of these thrillers offer more Halloween hilarity than horror, but no matter what, they’re all sure to provide a howling good time!

10 Scary Movies with Dogs

There are tons of scary movies out there, ranging from the truly terrifying to the more comical than creepy. Depending on what kind of horror movie you’re in the mood for, you can pretty much find a frightening flick to fit the bill. Here’s a glimpse at some popular scary movies with dogs. In some, the dogs are the hero, while in others, a dog is very much the villain. Therefore, make sure you know what your preference is before you start the viewing party!

Watch These Films for a Scare

If you’re looking for a few good frights, then these movies deliver some jumps and chills! Pull the covers tight and hunker down because you might need to hide your eyes now and then!

cujo movie poster

Cujo — (1983) This Stephen King classic is perhaps one of the most famous dog horror movies of all time. A big, furry, teddy-bear-of-a-St. Bernard gets bitten by a bat and contracts rabies, subsequently terrorizing a small town, a woman, and her young son. What makes it so terrifying? Maybe it’s the fact that, theoretically, this situation could happen in real life.

man's best friend movie poster

Man’s Best Friend — (1993) A family takes in a seemingly sweet Rottweiler, unaware that the dog is actually a genetically-engineered canine that has escaped from a nearby science lab. The dog's creator, a mad scientist from a genetic-research facility, tries to track down the dog before its killer instincts start to get out of hand. This movie just goes to show you, make sure you know everything you can about your pup’s breeder 

The Breed movie poster

The Breed  (2006) After inheriting an isolated island home, a college student invites a group of friends to spend a few days relaxing and having some fun. The friends are soon fighting for their lives against a pack of blood-thirsty hounds. The dogs are supposedly from a training facility shut down across the island due to a rabies outbreak. The pack ultimately surrounds the cabin as the young adults try to find a way to escape.

Dracula's Dog movie poster

Dracula’s Dog  (1977) It just wouldn’t be Halloween without Dracula, right? How about Dracula’s dog? This film follows Igor, a servant to Dracula, and Dracula’s hound, Zoltan, a vampire dog, as they travel to the United States, searching for the last Dracula descendant. During their journey, Zoltan creates a few canine-vampire pals as he searches for his new master-to-be. 

The Pack movie poster

The Pack — (2015) A pack of ferocious, wild dogs begins to terrorize a small town. Eventually, the pack makes its way to an isolated farmhouse, where a farmer and his family are then forced to fight for their survival. 

Check Out These Movies If You Want More Fun Than Fright

Sometimes, you might want a little fun and laughs mixed in with your thrills and chills. These movies are a great way to celebrate Halloween family-style. So, if your canine companion is a young pup, these movies might be a better fit!

Frankenweenie movie poster

Frankenweenie — (1984) and (2012) The original Frankenweenie features a real dog, while the remake takes an animated turn, but the plot remains the same. This fun canine spin on the classic Frankenstein story is full of fun Tim Burton flair (who directed both versions). A young boy, determined to bring the recently-deceased family pet back from the dead, turns to science for the answers.  

Spooky Buddies movie poster

Spooky Buddies — (2011) Are you ready to get your fill of adorable, fluffy pups? The famous “buddies” from other films like Air Buddies, Santa Buddies, and Space Buddies are now on a spooky adventure that takes them through a haunted mansion. Bonus? You get to see a bunch of precious Golden Retriever pups in some cute Halloween costumes.

Scooby-Doo movie poster

Scooby-Doo (live-action) — (2002) It’s everyone’s favorite Great Dane and his gang of mystery-solving, meddling kids. The film starts out showing how the members of the famous Mystery, Inc. split and went their separate ways. However, they are reunited when they end up together on the same island to investigate strange happenings. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster

The Nightmare Before Christmas — (1993) Halloween movie or Christmas movie? You decide! It’s still lots of fun for a Halloween family flick! And you just have to love Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero, whose light-up nose helps save the holiday!

Ernest Scared Stupid movie poster

Ernest Scared Stupid — (1991) Jim Varney’s classic Ernest character and his faithful pup Rimshot set out to save the world from an evil troll (that Ernest accidentally set free). The troll is on a mission to transform all of the children in a small town into wooden dolls, but Rimshot and Ernest plan to save the day (albeit in some unconventional ways).

Can’t Stand a Sad Ending?

Don’t worry, no spoilers here! But, if you’re like many dog owners, you refuse to watch a movie if you know an animal gets hurt or dies. In fact, if something happens to a dog in the film, you might be more devastated than if the main (human) character met a chilling fate. It’s an animal-lover thing. 

Well, thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can usually look up the answer to one of the most asked questions from dog lovers when it comes to movies...does the dog die? But, if you simply check out a plot summary or something similar, you risk learning too much about the movie. After all, if you ultimately end up watching it, you don’t want to know how it ends.

Instead, check out this website for the answer to your biggest questions. This site has evolved over the years, now answering a lot more specific questions, not just about dogs, but other animals, humans, and more. You’ll still get some spoilers, but at least you have more control over what information you’re getting instead of scrolling through the entire movie plot. So, if before you can view it, you really need to know the answer, or you just can’t enjoy the movie, check this site out first.   

What’s a Movie Without Popcorn? (Um, PUP-corn)

If you’re settling in for a flick with Fido, don’t keep all the snacking to yourself. While popcorn might not be a good treat for your pup, you can get him his own special movie chow. PupCorn delivers yummy treats in a low-cal punch, so you can let your pooch nosh on a few throughout the flick without overdoing it. 

If you want to make the treat last an extra-long time, crush up some PupCorn pieces and put them inside a Rolly Cannoli! Your dog will love having a long-lasting nibble!

It’s time to grab the blankets and pillows, set up the snacks, fill the doggy bowl, and turn off the lights! When you’re ready for more great tips on how to spend Halloween with your pup, check out the rest of our blog! You’ll also find helpful advice and resources so you can care for your pets in the best way possible! Now all that’s left to do is line up your movie night! Happy watching!

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