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8 Tasty Treat Suggestions for the Neat-Lik Slow Feed Mat

8 Tasty Treat Suggestions for the Neat-Lik Slow Feed Mat


Wondering if a licking mat is a good fit for your pet? Or, maybe you have one, but you aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Using a lick mat is an excellent way to help your furry friend cope with stress, feel relaxed, and just have some fun. A lick mat is also helpful if you have a pet that tends to eat too quickly as the nooks and crannies help to slow down eating. But, how exactly do lick mats work?

How Does the Neat-Lik Mat Work?

When you’re bored or restless, you likely have a few things you do to calm down. It might be deep breathing, yoga, watching your favorite show, or chatting with a friend. These types of activities don’t really work for your pets, so they have alternatives, like the Neat-Lik Mat.

The Neat-Lik Mat encourages your pal to lick, which releases endorphins that can help your fur baby calm down. It consists of multiple small crevices and nooks, perfect for spreading your pet’s favorite tasty treat so they can lick away. But, what are some of the best toppings for your pet’s lick mat?

8 Tasty Treats for the Neat-Lik Mat

Before you start spreading food onto your pet’s Neat-Lik Mat, remember to make safe choices for your pal. Avoid using any foods that are toxic for pets. Also, not all treats are created equal when it comes to dogs and cats. There are certain foods dogs can eat safely that aren’t a good fit for your feline friend and vice versa.

Make sure to spread the goodies with a plastic knife or silicon spatula, etc., instead of a regular knife to avoid cutting the mat. Plus, keep in mind that any foods you use should be served in moderation. Serving your dog or cat too much human food or excessive amounts of food at once can upset their tummy.

So, before you start adding goodies to your Neat-Lik Mat, check out some of the top options for dogs and cats.

Best Spreadable Treats for Dogs and Cats

Here are a few lick mat toppings that can work equally well for dogs and cats. No matter what food you plan to use, it’s best to try a little bit at first to make sure your pal can tolerate it well.

Also, when your pal licks food off the mat, remember, they’re still taking in calories. Don’t serve excessive amounts of food on the mat or give the mat to your pal all of the time. It should be used occasionally, with the exception of serving canned food as a meal to slow down your pal’s eating.

Canned Food — Spreading soft dog or cat food on the mat is a great option. It’s safe for your fur friend, and if your cat or dog tends to eat too fast, using a lick mat can encourage slower eating. You can also make an extra-special treat for your pet by sticking a few tidbits into the food, like some of their favorite kibble or hard treats.

Yogurt — Plain Greek yogurt in moderation is a safe, occasional treat for dogs and cats. However, make sure it’s unflavored, has no additives, no sugar, etc. Another fun option is to spread the yogurt onto the mat and then place the mat in the freezer. Your dog or cat will love licking on a cool, icy treat.

Bananas — Mash up some bananas and spread them onto the mat. You can also freeze the mashed-up bananas on the mat for some healthy, pet-friendly ice cream.

Best Spreadable Treats for Dogs

Here are a couple spreadable treats that are a hit with canine companions. 

Peanut Butter — As a dog lover, you probably already are well aware of how much pups love peanut butter. It’s a scrumptious treat and easy to spread on the Neat-Lik Mat. You can also make some clever combinations, using peanut butter and bananas or sticking a few blueberries onto the peanut butter. This is also a good fit in the Rolly Cannoli.

Pumpkin Puree — Canned pumpkin is another doggy favorite. Make sure it’s plain pumpkin and not pie filling, which is loaded with sugar and other additives.

Best Spreadable Treats for Cats

For your feline friend, you can also try these tasty additions. 

Tuna — Mix up some tuna into some canned food, or use some canned tuna by itself, and spread it onto the lick mat. However, if using canned tuna, ensure it’s canned in spring water and not oil.

Canned Salmon — Your cat would love some canned salmon, too. You can mix it up with a bit of tuna or canned food or serve it solo. Or, get creative and add a couple of dabs of pumpkin or even a few bits of apple.

Benefits of Using the Neat-Lik Mat

Using a licking mat isn’t all about just watching your pet happily lap up their favorite foods. Besides being a great way to give your faithful friend a delicious treat, lick mats also have a lot of other benefits.

  • Lick mats can help reduce stress and anxiety. This makes them a good thing to have at hand for stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, nail clippings, and more.
  • Lick mats also help decrease destructive behavior that can result from boredom and a lack of engagement. Your pet needs lots of opportunities for play and exercise, a variety of activities, and ways to stay stimulated. A lick mat can help your pet stay engaged and focused. 
  • Using a lick mat while you’re away from home can help your pet cope with the symptoms of separation anxiety
  • As mentioned previously, the Neat-Lik Mat can also help your dog or cat slow down when they are eating. So, if you tend to have a speedy eater, it’s definitely worth it. Eating slower can help avoid various issues like GDV, choking, and more.

Keep Things Neat

When your pet starts licking feverishly at their mat, it’s very likely they won’t show a lot of table manners. But, don’t worry, there’s an easy solution.

In addition to the Neat-Lik Mat, there’s also the Neat-Lik Tray, designed to fit the mat perfectly and make it a breeze for you to move the mat to a new location. It’s a great idea to keep the mat in place while your pal enjoys themself. It also ensures your floors stay mess-free, which means less cleaning for you (win-win). Plus, if your furry friend likes to chew on things, the tray will keep your pal from trying to chew and pick up the mat.

At Neater Pets, we always strive to provide high-quality products and valuable information so you can be the best pet parent that you can be. So, whether you want more information about the things your pal eats, grooming tips, or any other pet-related topics, check out the Neater Pets blog. You’re always bound to find something new to learn that can help you take even better care of your pets.

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