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Heartfelt Ways To Honor Your Pet’s Memory

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When you have to say goodbye to your faithful pet, it’s like losing a piece of your heart. Needless to say, your life won’t ever be quite the same without that wet nose waking you up or those furry snuggles. But, gone doesn’t mean forgotten, and there are ways to memorialize your pet so that they’ll always be a part of your life.

Depending on your preferences, there are all sorts of ways to honor your pet, so you can always keep their memory close. You can write a unique poem, commission a pet portrait, or even get a stuffed animal version of your pet. Perhaps you want to have a commemorative garden stone made with your pet’s pawprint or carry a piece of their fur in a pretty locket.

If you’re trying to find the perfect way to honor your pet’s memory, take a look at this list of special ways to do just that. Consider your pet’s personality and your relationship when reading through the options. Reflecting on the times you spent together will help you choose the best way for you to memorialize your dog or cat.

Remember Your Pet With Others

When you’re grieving the loss of your pet, it often helps to surround yourself with those that knew how special your bond was. Holding a memorial service with your close friends and family can help you find peace and closure. 

Let people take turns sharing stories about your furry friend and help you look back on many fond memories. If you’re able, you can also take this opportunity to bury your pet or spread their ashes. If you plan to keep your pet’s ashes, you might take this time to place them in a special place.

Polaroid of cat

Keep Your Pet With You

Another way to preserve your pet’s memory is by creating something that represents them by incorporating a small part of your pet. Having your pet's ashes, fur, or pawprint can help you create a personalized memorial for your pet. 

For example, many different companies that offer end-of-life services will provide grieving pet parents with a piece of their pet’s fur. Or, they might include a sympathy card that features a stamp of their pet’s pawprint. 

You can also create an impression of your pet’s pawprint using salt dough. If you bring your pet to the vet after they pass (or if you’re choosing euthanasia), many vets will do similar things.

Place Your Pet’s Ashes or Fur in a Locket

You can place a small amount of your pet’s ashes in a specially designed necklace to keep them close to your heart. Alternatively, you can hold a small lock of your pet’s fur in a pretty locket.

Create a Garden Memorial With Their Pawprint

Using your pet's pawprint, you can create a stepping stone for your garden that features a sweet phrase and your pet’s name. If you bury your pet, this stone can also serve as a beautiful marker for their gravesite.

Honor Your Pet With a Creative Tribute

Another fantastic way to honor your pet is to create a work of art that helps capture your pet’s essence. Art is timeless, which means any of these options will last forever, so you will never forget your best friend.

Paint a Pet Portrait

If you’re artistic, you might paint a portrait of your pet yourself. If not, you can hire an artist to create the perfect pet portrait using a photograph as their model.

Create Pet-Inspired Pottery

Sculptors and potters can make something to your specifications that represents your pet. It might be a vase, bowl, decorative plaque, or even a statue of your companion. Some artists will even incorporate some of your pet’s ashes into the clay upon your request.

Get a Tattoo of Your Pet

If you want a lasting memento that will go with you everywhere, you can consider getting a tattoo of your pet. Choose a picture that represents your pal the best to supply to the artist.

Write a Poem

You can create a memorial poem that you read when you say your final good-byes. Or, you can commission a professional writer to create one for you. 

You can give them information about your dog or cat, such as their quirks, favorite things, etc. The writer can use this info to create a personalized poem that really expresses what was so special about your pet.

Get a Plush Look-A-Like

Many companies, like Petsies, create lifelike stuffed animal versions of pets. For some, it’s a great way to continue cuddling with your pal and remembering the good times. For others, it might be a little too much of a reminder, so consider your personal preferences carefully with this one.

Cat in shelter

Help Animals in Need

Honor your pet by helping others in a way that your pet would appreciate. You can donate to a local animal shelter or rescue or help out a local dog park that your pup loved to frequent. You can also volunteer for different pet events, like adoption days.

If you’re willing and able, you might even consider fostering dogs or cats to help find them forever homes. Fostering can be a great way to bring animals back into your life if you’re not yet ready for a new forever pet.

Items That Honor Your Pet’s Memory

For some, a simple memento or keepsake is the perfect way to memorialize their pet. Things like engraved picture frames, statues, or plaques can be a great way to show sympathy to others who have had to say goodbye to their pets.

Personalized Photo Frame

This wall frame has a place for your pet’s photograph on one side and a pawprint impression on the other. It also includes everything you need to create the print, including non-toxic, air-dry clay. It’s the perfect way to remember your pet and also a great gift for those who recently had to say goodbye. 

A Keepsake Box

A personalized keepsake box is a great way to keep special mementos. You can place your dog’s collar and tag, a lock of fur, or their favorite toy inside the box. Some feature a place for your pet’s photo, while others might allow you to engrave a memorable phrase.

You can usually find boxes in various sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs. For example, larger sizes can accommodate your dog’s leash, collar, favorite toy, and even their food dish.

Pawprints Left By You Windchimes

Hang up these 18-inch chimes, and every time you look at them, you can think about your pet. You’ll also remember your beloved pet every time the wind blows, or a gentle breeze comes by. These chimes come with a “Pawprints Left By You” poem card, and you can hang them inside or outside. 

Saying goodbye to your pet can be hard, but finding ways to keep their memory alive is an excellent way to help the healing process. For more helpful pet resources, be sure to check out our blog. Our goal is to get you all the information you need to become the best pet parent that you can be.


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