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Why Chow Chows Are the Best Family Dog

chow chow at a dog show

Deciding to add a dog to your life is an awesome moment, but it’s a choice that should be carefully considered before taking the plunge. Dogs are amazing animals, and there’s no doubt that having a dog also brings a lot of responsibility and life changes. This is especially true if you’re adding a pup to a family.

One of your biggest questions is most likely, is this dog good with kids?  When you add a pooch to your family, you hope that your children will bond with the new addition and that both pup and kids will form a special relationship. A Chow Chow can be a great choice for a family dog; it is extremely loyal and protective of its human pack. However, a tendency toward overprotection and a reputation for being an aggressive breed has also placed this fluffy-coated pup on the insurance blacklist. This can definitely make some people pause before choosing this pooch.  The key is early socialization and getting a young pup that you can raise around your kids.

chow chow puppies

Why a Chow Chow Is a Great Choice for Families

Here are four reasons why a Chow Chow can make the best family dog if trained and raised properly:

  • A Chow Chow is extremely loyal to his family.
  • A Chow Chow is protective of his family, including the kids.
  • A Chow Chow is patient.
  • A Chow Chow is known to be a well-behaved pup when properly trained.

chow chow in the snow

Getting To Know the Chow Chow

Of course, how a dog interacts with children isn’t going to be the only factor that informs your decision. You still have all of the practical things to think about, like how big a dog you want, how much grooming and maintenance you’re willing to do, and how much costs are associated with your pup of choice. For example, a smaller dog that is an overall healthy breed will most likely cost less to care for than a larger dog that eats three times as much food or a dog that is prone to several health conditions. 

Knowing the basics of any dog breed that you are considering bringing into your family is always a valuable asset.

Here are some good-to-know facts about the dignified and loyal Chow Chow: 


A Chow Chow is approximately 45-70 pounds and roughly 17-20 inches, so it has the potential to be a pretty large breed, albeit not one of the largest. If you want to lean toward the lower end of this scale, consider looking for a female, since most often the female members of a dog breed tend to be smaller. 


A Chow Chow’s average life expectancy is 8 to 12 years old. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you want to purchase or adopt a younger or older dog, strongly consider the fact that a chow will do better with kids when he is raised with them. Therefore, you might want to seek out a puppy and wait till your kids are a little older to help even things out a bit. 


A Chow Chow has a thick, double, fluffy coat that makes him look like a little lion. It is very important to keep his coat brushed regularly to avoid matting, which means you need to thoroughly brush him at least twice a week. The Chow Chow should also be checked often for parasites and ticks, have a monthly bath, and it is essential to make sure the coat is completely dried after every bath. In addition, just like with most breeds, you should routinely check and clean your pup’s eyes and ears, trim his nails, and attend to adequate dental care.


If you get your pup from a reputable breeder, then he should be properly screened and monitored for a variety of health problems. However, the Chow Chow is prone to several conditions including hip dysplasia, eyelid entropion, thyroid issues, and more.  You can see more detailed information about this breed’s health by visiting Chow Chow Club, Inc. 


A Chow Chow needs regular exercise, but despite being a larger pup, he does not require a lot of high-impact activity. A few walks a day are enough to keep this dog in good shape, in addition to regular playtimes with toys like the Rolly Cannoli that can help with exercise and bonding time. One way to help your kids and Chow Chow bond is to let your children accompany you on walks, and allow older kids to hold the leash. One thing to keep in mind, is this breed doesn’t handle heat very well, so keep exercise to a minimum during hot parts of the day.


This pup is smart but he can also be very stubborn. Training is critical for this dog, though, so you need to be ready and determined, stay focused, and be prepared to seek help if needed. Proper socialization is essential to ensuring your Chow Chow becomes a great family dog, and training needs to stay positive so that you and your dog develop a trusting relationship.  

chow chow laying down


Chow Chows and Kids

While it’s true that some dogs are more naturally suited to being around kids than others, it doesn’t mean that certain breeds can’t get along well with children. The important thing to remember is that it is always of the utmost importance to properly train and socialize your new pup as soon as you add him to the family. Expose your dog to a wide variety of positive situations, places, and people, and train him consistently. If you are hesitant about training, then seek a pro to help you. If you decide to bring a Chow Chow into the mix, training is non-negotiable. If you are unwilling to train your dog or do not have the necessary time or abilities to do so then you need to strongly reconsider your decision.

Although a Chow Chow might be better suited to a household with older children, he can definitely be introduced to younger children and babies, if he himself is young and properly raised alongside the kids. However, never leave your Chow Chow (or any dog, really) alone with young children. It’s also key to make sure the kids know how to properly interact with their new pup. Therefore, go over the correct way to touch and handle a dog, caution your kids to never go by a dog that is eating, and let older kids share in the responsibility of caring for their new canine companion. 

If you’re ready to add a dog to the family, a Chow Chow can be a great option. A Chow Chow is loving, devoted, and loyal, and he can be a wonderful companion to your children, as long as you’re ready to do the work necessary to make it happen. If you want to adopt a dog, you can start your search at, or you can even look into breed-specific rescues by starting here.

For more great information that can help you learn more bout your pets and what they need to be happy and healthy, make sure to check out the rest of our blogs. At Neater Pets, we always aim to provide you with the most up-to-date resources and tips so you can be everything your pets need you to be.

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