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The Best Dog Breeds for Active Families

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Is your family's idea of fun biking and hiking more than playing board games? Does your dream vacation involve camping or kayaking over a staycation? Or maybe everyone's involved with different extracurriculars and hobbies so you're always running around town and never home. If your family is constantly on the move one way or another, consider these dog breeds for active families.

Choosing a Dog That Fits Your Family

There are many ways to be an active family. For some, being active means participating in sports and outdoor recreation, and engaging in physically demanding hobbies. But for other families, being active means transporting kids from soccer to dance class to piano lessons, working full-time, and running errands.

These are two very different lifestyles (although you could be a combination of the two), and they work best with different types of dogs. If your family loves to hike, kayak, camp under the stars, and go bike riding, choosing a dog that requires plenty of exercise and enjoys being active is an ideal match.

However, a hyperactive dog wouldn’t be as well-suited for a family always on the go because of work, kids’ extracurriculars, and school. You’d likely return home to clawed baseboards, overturned trash cans, or other signs of disruptive behavior from a bored, understimulated pup. Instead, a more low-key, low-energy dog would be a better fit.

No matter how your family stays active, there’s a dog for you. It’s all about choosing a pup that meshes well with your lifestyle so everyone, including Fido, stays happy and healthy.

7 Dog Breeds for Active Families

Families with active lifestyles do best with a canine companion that keeps up with them and enjoys being outside, moving and grooving. If you want to take your dog hiking or go on a bike ride with your dog, choosing a pup that needs (and enjoys) plenty of exercise is a must. 

However, no matter what dog you pick, always be alert when participating in rigorous activities with your pet. Stay aware of the weather, your dog's behavior, hydration levels, and overall abilities. Consult your vet to verify your dog's health can handle various adventures.

Here are 7 energetic dog breeds that would jump for joy (literally) over living with an active family.

1. Border Collie

Border Collies are an excellent match for adventurous families. These friendly, outgoing pups love to stay active and perform tasks that encourage mental stimulation and physical exercise.

2. Portuguese Water Dog

It's not surprising that a dog with the word water in their name loves to swim and participate in water activities. Portuguese Water Dogs require plenty of exercise and tend to bore easily, making an active family the perfect fit.

3. Golden Retriever

Goldies are undoubtedly one of the most popular family-friendly dog breeds. These affectionate, intelligent canines adore being the ultimate companion, joining their families on camping trips, morning jogs, and hikes in the woods. Golden Retrievers love to play and are thrilled to fetch as they run down the beach or splash after their favorite frisbee in the lake.

4. English Springer Spaniel

If you're all about spending time in nature, consider having the loyal, and extremely energetic, English Springer Spaniel by your side. These friendly pups make excellent family pets if you can satisfy their insatiable need for physical and mental activity. Forget your typical walk with a leash, because this hunting dog needs to run.

5. Siberian Husky

Huskies are a beautiful breed with gorgeous blue eyes and a wolf-like appearance that make great pets if they get the exercise and stimulation they need. These working dogs need something to do if you don't want them to get into mischief. Activities well-suited for Siberian Huskies are hiking, running, biking, dog-sledding, and agility training.

6. German Shepherd

Bred as working dogs, German Shepherds are an ideal match for active pet parents who spend most of their time outdoors exploring, hiking, and adventuring. These energetic dogs also benefit from agility training and other learning opportunities that meet their high mental stimulation needs.

7. Dalmatian

Dalmatians are known for their iconic, gorgeous spotted coats and serving as the official dogs of brave firefighters. However, these spotted beauties also have a reputation for being hyperactive, requiring intense opportunities to exercise their minds and bodies. These dogs love to run and need plenty of chances to do so in addition to working out their mental muscles.

Dog sitting on chair

7 Dog Breeds for Families on the Go

If you’re never at home, you may want to think twice before getting a pup and the responsibility that comes along with one. No matter how low-maintenance a dog is, they still need quality time, attention, and care. 

But if you have other family members who pick up the slack when you’re running errands and vice versa, a low-energy dog is a good choice for a busy family. Plus, smart tech, like the Furbo dog camera, even lets you pop in to say hello and dispense a treat when you're out of the house.

A dog who’s happy with a stroll or two through the neighborhood and a few indoor play sessions (maybe the occasional case of the Zoomies) is a good match for an on-the-go family. 

These 7 pups like to play, but also love to relax once they’ve satisfied their minimal exercise needs.

1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are low-shedding and love spending time with their family, but they also enjoy taking long naps after a boisterous play session or walking around the block. One thing to keep in mind with this affectionate breed is they adore being with people, so consider how long they would be home alone and your overall schedule.

2. Basset Hound

There are countless images of Basset Hounds snoozing on front porches, which should certainly tell you something about their energy levels. They only need roughly 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise and are happy to get it by playing. Afterward, they're content to settle in for a lengthy nap or three.

3. Mastiff

It's typical to assume a large dog needs lots of exercise to satisfy high energy levels. But you're in luck if you're determined to adopt a big pup because Mastiffs tend to have minimal endurance, making their activity threshold relatively low. In other words, they're a good pick if you're seeking a large, loveable, lazy pooch.

4. Maltese

The pretty Maltese is devoted to their family and prefers snuggling to exercising. A few play sessions are enough to satisfy this pup’s moderate energy level. Their long silky coat requires regular brushing but shed very little.

5. Chinese Crested

The unique Chinese Crested is a low-maintenance breed that is easy to train, friendly, and content with minimal exercise. Their easygoing nature makes them adaptable to different lifestyles, including settling in with a busy family.

6. Dachshund

Doxies love attention, but they also don’t mind spending time alone. They have lots of energy inside their small bodies, but it’s easy to burn off with walks and playtime with their favorite toys. Dachshunds mesh well with many lifestyles, including active and busy families.

7. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are another dog breed that loves to spend time with their family but are also happy to be alone. These happy-go-lucky pups enjoy playing and running but look forward to curling up for a comfortable snooze.

A Fitting Fido for Your Family

If you're ready to accept the responsibility of welcoming a friendly furball to the family, choosing the dog that best suits your lifestyle is crucial to the relationship's success. Luckily, with so many dog breeds available, each with unique characteristics, needs, and abilities, finding a dog to match your active family is a walk in the park.

For more helpful tips about finding the best dog for your family, check out the rest of the Neater Pets blog.


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