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17 Best Apps to Download for Dog Owners (Updated 2023)

20 Best Apps to Download for Dog Owners (Updated 2020)

Need a helping paw with your canine pal? Check out these helpful dog phone apps

Today, technology is king. You can do a multitude of tasks from your phone, including looking up important information, finding directions, ordering food, shopping, counting your steps, well, the list is pretty endless. It’s true what they say these days, “there’s an app for that.” 

Well, if you’re a dog owner, there are quite a few apps out there that are geared specifically toward people with canine companions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to download every single one, you’d never have the storage space on your phone. Instead, focus on these 20 choices when it comes to the best apps for dog owners, and take your pick based on what makes the most sense for you and your puppy pal.

The 3 Best Apps for Finding Dog-Friendly Spots



This convenient app lets you explore different pet-friendly places that you can enjoy with your pooch. Users can search through over 250,000 different locations, including dog parks, hotels, attractions, restaurants, vacation rentals, and more, and learn each location's doggy rules, such as leash laws and other important info.

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Bring Fido


If you’re into hiking, biking, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures that take you to the trails, this app lets you find all of the top trails where your dog can tag along with you. You can explore over 100,000 trails and filter them by difficulty level, length, and more. You can get driving directions through the app as well as create a list of your favorite trails. 

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of all trails


Connect with nearby dog owners, discover dog-friendly events and locations, engage in fun activities with your pup, and receive lost and found alerts with this useful app. You can even create and host your own doggy playdates and invite others through the app, plus receive exclusive deals on certain pet products.

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Bark Happy

The 7 Best Apps for Doggy Wellness


How would you like to be able to get expert advice about your pup through a convenient online chat? PetCoach lets you do just that -- with its live chat tool, you can talk with veterinarians and other pet experts about your pet’s health, behavior, and nutrition. 

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Pet Coach

Pet First Aid

If you’re a pet owner, then this app from the American Red Cross is a must for you! The app puts expert veterinarian advice for everyday pet emergencies right at your fingertips. The info is easy to understand, informative, and best of all, right there when you need it. The Red Cross also offers in-person pet first aid classes.

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Pet Aid


This app lets you track your dog’s location, monitor his fitness level, health, and more. The app is free, but you will need to purchase the device and a subscription is required. Users get handy notifications when their pet leaves a designated safe zone, as well as virtual vet support to help you be the best pet parent possible.

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Whistle


This helpful app provides a crowd-sourced list of over 250 items that are considered toxic to dogs and cats. You can search for items or browse via convenient categories. Now you’ll never have to worry if those plants you want to put in your garden are poisonous for your pooch, or if your dog gets a hold of some table scraps, you can run a quick check to see if they’re on the tox list. 

Available on IOS

Picture of Pup Tox

Tractive Dog Walk

This app uses your phone’s GPS to track your pup’s walks, plus you can log how far and long your pooch traveled, and snap photos as you stroll along together. You can even record your dog’s bathroom habits! This app is great for dog owners, and also a great tool for professional dog walkers that want a thorough record to provide to their clients. 

Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Tractive

Dog Buddy

Keep track of your dog’s vet visits, vaccines, health records, medications, activity level, walks, and more with this app. You can also record milestones, photos, and a doggy diary, as well as access basic pet CPR and first-aid info, and set up reminders for vaccinations

Available on IOS

Picture of Dog Buddy

The 5 Best Apps for Dog Services


This app (and website) allows you to search through an extensive database of trusted services for dogs and cats. You can find pet sitters, dog walkers, house sitting, drop-in visits, boarding, and doggy daycare, all through a convenient search tool. All of the services are backed by the Rover Guarantee and include 24/7 support, photo updates, and reservation protection.

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Rover app


Search through a database of background-checked dog walkers and other service providers, including sitters, boarders, and more, all complete with 24/7 customer support and backed by $1 million in home liability insurance. The company also donates a portion of each walk that is booked through the platform toward feeding a shelter dog in your local area.

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Wag app


Set up a convenient auto-ship for your pet’s dog food, medications, and more through the Chewy app. You will get access to 24/7 support and receive discounts on most auto-ship orders.

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Chewy App

Dog Monitor and Pet Cam by Annie

This app and monitor system is like a baby monitor for your pooch. You’ll need a subscription service, but then you’ll have full, real-time access to your fur baby no matter what time of day or night. Use the app to keep an eye on your pet or soothe him when you’re away, which can come in super handy if you have a dog that is dealing with separation anxiety.

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Dog monitor app

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

This site allows you to check for insurance rates, quickly and easily submit claims from anywhere, upload pet photos, update your information, review your insurance policy, and check the status of your claims, all from the palm of your hand. You can also access their blog for helpful health and training resources.

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Healthy Paws App

4 Extra Apps for Doggy Fun


This app is like having a little dog trainer in your pocket, just BYOT, Bring Your Own Treats. You can look at easy to follow photo instructions to teach your pup over 50 tricks using the built-in clicker, plus get your training questions answered via a live chat feature. 

 Available on IOS and Android

Picture of Puppr app

Dog Whistler

This app is exactly what it sounds like, a dog whistle for your phone. You can choose from a variety of frequencies and create different lengths for your whistle. Use it as a training tool for your pooch, or just test it out on your friends to see how long they can take it. 

 Available on IOS 

Picture of Dog Whistler app

Dog Translator - Games for Dog

Okay, so this one is completely all in fun, and of course, it isn’t going to actually tell you what your dog is saying...but if you ever wondered what your pup was trying to tell you, this app gives you a silly way to do it. 

Available on IOS 

Picture of Dog Translator App
While you may not need all of these apps (and hey, maybe you do), this definitely helps narrow down your options! Depending on what you need the most help with when it comes to your furry friend, this list can help you handpick the dog phone apps that best fit your lifestyle. For extra insights into ways to make a better life for you and your dog, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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