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14 Fall Activities You Can Do with Your Pet

Corgi in the fall leaves

Fall is a time for walks in the crisp autumn air, pumpkin patches, colorful foliage, Halloween tricks and treats, and Thanksgiving eats. With so many great things going on this time of year, it’s no surprise fall is America’s favorite season

Need some ways to celebrate with your four-legged fur babies? Here are 14 fall activities you can do with your pet to celebrate this fun, festive season together.

Fall Activities You Can Do at Home with Your Pet

Sometimes nothing beats staying at home and enjoying time with the ones you love, including your four-legged pals. When you’d rather stay in instead of heading out, try these easy, fun fall activities that you can do at home.

1. Bake Pet-Friendly Pumpkin Recipes

Channel your inner chef with tasty pumpkin recipes your dog will love or ones that make your cat purr with delight. When you’re in the mood to kick back and chill, skip the kitchen and serve your pet some yummy pumpkin treats

2. Make Your Pet a Fall-Themed Bandana

Get crafty and make your pet some festive fall flair to wear throughout the season. Find the perfect pattern at your local fabric shop. Or create a personalized accessory using fabric paint. 

Cut the material in a triangle shape and tie it loosely around your pet’s neck. If the fabric frays easily, hem the edges. Another option is attaching a triangle piece of fabric to your pet’s collar.

3. Snuggle Up for Scary Movies

Get cozy with your fur baby and snuggle up under a blanket on the couch while you watch a scary movie. Choose one of your favorites, or pick Halloween movies featuring dogs and cats for an extra pet-friendly twist.

4. Have a Fall-Friendly Photo Shoot

Gather several fun pet-friendly props that fit the fall theme to stage a cute photo shoot with your pet. Ideas for items are pumpkins, a witch hat, a broomstick, autumn leaves, a basket of apples, and hay bales. 

Ask a friend to join so you have an extra pair of hands and someone to help get your pet’s attention. Don’t get too focused on snapping perfect pictures. Remember, it’s all about the experience.

5. Whip Up a Thanksgiving Menu Fit for Your Pet

Let your best pals join the Thanksgiving feast with foods that are safe for pets, like pumpkin puree and unseasoned, cooked turkey. Spread soft food on the Neat-Lik Treat Mat to give your pet a fun way to enjoy their meal. 

Or create a gourmet mix of goodies and serve in a decorative bowl for a fancy feast. (Just make sure to feed your pet these foods in moderation.)

6. Roll Around in the Leaves

Rake up a big pile of leaves, toss in your dog’s favorite toy, and watch them have the time of their life. Or pick out a few big leaves and move them around to get your cat’s attention. Enjoy the ultimate cuteness as they swat, flick, and pounce on fluttering leaves.

7. Enjoy a Backyard Picnic

Bring your meal into the backyard and spread out a comfy blanket for you and your pet. Make sure to only serve pet-friendly foods, or give your pet their regular food with a few special treats for good measure.

If you ever suspect your pet may have ingested something potentially toxic, it’s wise to keep the ASPCA Poison Control number in a handy location. The number is (888) 426-4435.

Cat in leaves

On-the-Go Fall Activities with Pets

One of the best things about fall is the gorgeous weather. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the crisp, fall breeze with your pets by going on a hike, picnic, or other outdoor adventure. 

Of course, anytime you take your pet on an outing, safety is the top priority. Use a reliable leash or a dog or cat backpack or carrier to keep your pet safe and secure.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Check out Bring Fido for pet-friendly pumpkin patches in your area. Some farms don’t allow pets unless they are service animals. However, don’t assume either way. 

Call ahead of time to ask if they allow pets, and if so, ask about the guidelines. Many places will gladly welcome well-mannered four-legged visitors as long as they remain on a leash or in a carrier.

2. Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Hike

Take your dog or cat on a leisurely hike to enjoy the great outdoors and get some beneficial exercise. Bring along plenty of fresh water and a few snacks for both of you. And don’t forget to take a few photos of your pet with the beautiful fall foliage in the background.

3. Take a Weekend Getaway with Your Pet

If your pet loves to travel, why not go on a road trip with your pet this fall? Opt for a budget-friendly off-season beach trip or rent a pet-friendly cabin for the weekend. Go camping, visit a favorite small town, or book a local hotel and enjoy a staycation with your paw-some companion.

4. Go Apple Picking

Visit a nearby apple orchard and pick some delicious, juicy apples with your pet. Again, call ahead to verify the orchard is pet-friendly. 

Before your pet eats apples, make sure to remove the skin, stems, leaves, and seeds. The skin can be hard for your pet to handle and cause indigestion. 

The stems, leaves, and seeds are actually toxic to pets. However, the flesh of the apple is safe, and a few bites of apple make a healthy, yummy snack.

5. Walk Through a Corn Maze

Give yourself a challenge with your best friend by your side and find your way through a classic corn maze. Make sure pets are allowed before you bring them along, and keep them on a leash or in a carrier.

6. Go Costume Shopping

Get your pet the perfect costume for Halloween. You can find lots of pet costumes online, but shopping for one in person with your pet is lots of fun and has extra benefits. 

Your pet can try on the outfits so you know it fits before you buy. It’s also a good way to see which costume your pet doesn’t mind wearing. But, if your dog or cat isn’t a fan of dressing up, don’t force them.

7. Bring Your Dog Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating with your dog is always a blast if your dog likes crowds and kids. Put a light-up collar on your dog and use a reflective leash. Also, continuously scan the ground as you walk so your pup doesn’t get a hold of any candy or chocolate that is poisonous for pets.

Safe, Fall Fun with Your Four-Legged Friends

Show your feline friend or canine companion why autumn is the best when you do these fun fall activities with your pets. These are great ways to enjoy the season together. They also provide valuable bonding experiences for you and your furry pal. 

Whether strolling through a pumpkin patch, enjoying a weekend camping adventure, or snuggling up for a movie, your pets will love the special time with you. And you’ll love it, too.

Looking for even more ways to make the most of fall fun with your pets? Check out the Neater Pets blog for tips on holiday fun, Halloween treats, staying safe, and much more. It’s time for a pet-friendly fall that’s full of fond memories and experiences.



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