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Rescue Stories

Picture of two dogs rescued by Neater Pets employees


Image of a dog named Duke rescued by the owners of Neater Pets

For Duke, the third time wasn't a charm. We're not exactly sure what Duke did back in 2006 on that two-hour drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore to convince his new owners that he was more than they had bargained for. Whatever he did, it was convincing. Duke was only two years old when his third attempt at finding a happy home failed (the couple from Baltimore returned him to the rescue shelter for German Wirehaired Pointers without ever getting him out of their car). Luckily for Duke and for us, we came along soon thereafter, and Duke finally had a home.

It didn't take long to understand why his previous owners were less than impressed with Duke. He was a sweet and loveable dog, but he had a nose for finding trouble and absolutely no table manners at all. In fact, on more than one occasion we found Duke, all 95 pounds of him, standing on top of the dinner table eating the leftovers off the plates. We even caught him eating fried eggs out of the frying pan on the stovetop while they were still cooking! However, there was a silver lining in Duke's sloppy dining habits. The mess Duke and his sister Dakota made when eating and drinking would eventually inspire the creation of The Neater Feeder.

Image of a dog named Beau rescued by Katie who works for Neater Pets

A couple in Virginia had Beau’s Mom and Dad, both were Great Pyrenees. The mom got pregnant and had 11 puppies. After giving birth on November 11th, 2017, she got extremely sick and the couple surrendered her and all her puppies to a shelter. The mom was so sick she could not nurse her puppies and they thought she wouldn’t make it.  She did survive after intense vet care but the puppies were divided up and transported to foster care since they needed full time attention.

I was at a Pet Expo when I saw the puppies for the first time.  We weren’t in the market to get another dog just yet, but who could resist this fluff ball.  He looks like a baby polar bear and is as cute and sweet as can be.      - Kate

Image of a dog named Moose rescued by the owners of Neater Pets

We adopted Moose as a puppy.  He was found on the streets in Tennessee with his mom and siblings.  The mom and all her puppies were about to be transported from Tennessee to Connecticut when we saw him on Pet Finder and decided we’d give him a home.  We choose this black lab pup because he was born on the day our last dog, Champ a black lab had died, and his rescue name was also Champ.   We felt it was a sign.  The transport was running late, and we ended up meeting at a truck stop in Harrisburg at midnight to get him.  It wasn’t until we got home 2 hours later that we realized they had given us the wrong pup.  This pup hadn’t been adopted so after talking to the rescue we figured we’d just keep him and changed his name to Moose. 

Moose was about 6 months old when one day he started acting weird when he was eating.  We couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do.  At first, we thought he might be having a seizure as his head was bobbing up and down.  Well it wasn’t a seizure (thank goodness), all it was, was Moose trying to figure out how to throw water on his food from his water bowl– wow what a mess he started to make.

Even if his food is soaking wet he will still splash his entire water bowl into the food bowl, overflowing the bowl with food and water.  Did we just rescue another perfect Neater Feeder Dog or what?  We were about to make a new Neater Feeder video - and we realized we had just adopted a Neater Feeder superstar.  You can enjoy watching Moose preparing dinner or as we call it “saucing” his food for himself and his siblings in the Neater Feeder video on this website.  Some things are just meant to be…..     - Jackie

Image of a dog named Millie rescued by Taylor who works for Neater Pets

I rescued Millie from a shelter in Scranton, PA.   Her owner at the time decided she was going to have a garage sale and would be too busy to have a dog so she dropped her off at the shelter.  I cannot understand this behavior but I was so lucky to see her on a social media rescue site and even luckier that I got to adopt her.

Millie has been a spoiled princess ever since.  She has an amazing wardrobe, collar and leash collection.  She loves to sleep in bed preferably between us.  Life was perfect for her until we decided to rescue her a brother named Hank…Now she needs to learn to share us, her toys and our bed with this new guy… she is slowly getting accustomed to this idea - especially when we are at work and she has someone to keep her company.  Millie and Hank (her brother) are instafamous. Follow her and her brother on Instagram @beautyandthebulldozer.     - Taylor C

Image of a dog named Hank rescued by Taylor who works for Neater Pets

We recently adopted Hank after seeing his sad story on social media! This poor little guy was dropped off at a NYC animal control shelter the day before Thanksgiving 2017 unable to walk or go to the bathroom on his own. Through some miracle, Rescue Dogs Rock took him in and did tons of testing to try and save him. They found out he had a large bladder stone that was infected and had spread throughout his bloodstream and spine, causing a fracture in his vertebrae. After getting surgery to remove the bladder stone, being on medication, and the dedication of his amazing foster, he is on the road to complete recovery.   As soon as he was medically cleared for adoption we ran and got him. He’s had a rough start, but he’s landed with the right family! He’s 7 months old and the goofiest little meatball / bulldozer we have ever seen.  Now we just need to work on Millie’s only child syndrome.     Nick B

Image of a dog named Tuck rescued by Katie who works for Neater Pets

Tucks Mom was found as a pregnant stray. She was caught and and transported to Home at Last Rescue outside of Philadelphia. I actually was not the one to pick him out from the shelter. Our neighbor went and adopted him only to find out a couple weeks later, she was extremely allergic to him and was possibly going to have to give him back to the rescue. I had been wanting to get my own dog for a while and this just happened to work out perfectly….I got the dog I always wanted and Tuck didn’t have to go back to the rescue!

Tuck was born on August 1st of 2015 and he became mine in November. When I first adopted him, I thought he was going to be some sort of German Shepard, Doberman mix. Well, after doing his DNA test he is 50% Australian Cattle Dog, 25% lab and 25% Chihuahua. Tuck is extremely obsessed with me, which I love, of course! He follows me EVERYWHERE I go.   Fortunately, he can be with me more often than not since I get to bring him and his brother to work. Tucks favorite things include being outside, playing with other family dogs and of course, being close to me!     - Katie B


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