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How to Use the Neater Feeder

Thank you for purchasing the Neater Feeder! We bet you are excited to contain your pet's spills and splashes, but before you start, we recommend following the steps below and watching these helpful instructional videos. Also, don't forget to sign up for your free one-year manufacturer's warranty! 

Neater Feeder Unboxing & Setup

NOTE: The Neater Feeder ships with the top nested over the bottom. This is not how you use the feeder. To set up the feeder properly, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the Neater Feeder from the shipping box. 
  2. Take the bowls out of the bowl holes. 
  3. Separate the top from the bottom. 
  4. Place the bottom basin down (this will be the piece without the bowl holes). 
  5. Flip over the top of the feeder so that the Neater Feeder logo is facing toward you and is readable (it should not be upside down). 
  6. Place it on top of the bottom basin. 
  7. Insert the bowls. 
  8. Fill the bowls with food and water.
    1. If you purchased the Deluxe Neater Feeder, you will have two bowl sizes. The large bowl will be labeled with an "Extra-capacity bowl" sticker. This is the bowl for water. 

Click here to sign up for your free 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Adding Leg Extensions - DELUXE Model ONLY

NOTE: You cannot add leg extensions to the Express model. 

  1. To start, remove the leg extensions from the bag. 
  2. Flip over the base of the Neater Feeder and remove the rubber feet from all four legs. 
  3. Insert the rubber feet into each of the leg extensions. 
  4. Look inside the leg extensions for an F or an R. The F is for Front and the R is for Rear. 
  5. Grab the Front leg extensions. These will go on the side of the basin that is curved. 
  6. Looking at the leg extension you will see a clip, a little bit below the top of the leg extension, that will be inserted into the base. 
  7. Line this clip up with the opening in the base. 
  8. Then line the circular opening up with the nodule that is sticking out of the bottom of the base. 
  9. Once you have everything lined up, push in firmly until you hear the leg extension click into place. Make sure you hear it lock! If you do not hear it lock, the feeder might not be stable. 
  10. Repeat this process with the remaining three leg extensions. 
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