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How to Use the FurDozer

Thank you for purchasing the FurDozer! We bet you are excited to remove all that stubborn pet hair, but before you start, we recommend following the steps below and watching these helpful instructional videos. Also, don't forget to sign up for your free one-year manufacturer's warranty! 

FurDozer X6 Demo Video

The FurDozer X6 features six fur-busting tools:
  1. Multi-Featured Center Pad - A primary surface consisting of 35 textured diamonds and rectangles. This is going to be your go-to for many surfaces, especially deep-pile carpets and thick fleece blankets. 
  2. Small Squeegee - The small squeegee is under the multi-ridge pad (see #3). This squeegee is more rigid than the large squeegee and works well on delicate fabrics. To use, hold the FurDozer at a roughly 15-degree angle. 
  3. Multi-Ridged Curved Pad - This pad is between the center pad and the large squeegee. This pad is less aggressive than the primary surface of the main pad, making it perfect for delicate fabrics such as leather and velvet. To use, hold the FurDozer at a 45-degree angle. 
  4. Serrated Squeegee - This textured squeegee is on the bottom of the center pad and is perfect for pulling out heavily embedded hair from most surfaces. To use, hold the FurDozer on an angle so that you only engage the serrated squeegee and pull it back towards you.
  5. Large Squeegee - This squeegee is on the very top of the center pad and is best for smooth surfaces such as sheets and for collecting hair into piles on any surface. To use, flip the FurDozer over, press the squeegee against the surface, and pull in any direction. 
  6. Crevice Tool - The FurDozer's secret weapon is its crevice tool. This tool is located on the tip of the handle and is perfect for cleaning in between tight spaces that your vacuum can't reach, such as stairs, cushions, pet beds, cat trees, car seats, and more! 

Click here to sign up for your free 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

FurDozer X3 Demo Video

The FurDozer X3 features three fur-busting tools:
  1. Six Small Ridges (Top) - This side works on most surfaces, including carpets, furniture, and cars. To use, hold the FurDozer flat, so all ridges make contact with the surface. Then, apply pressure and pull towards you. When using on loose materials, it's important to hold the fabric taught while cleaning. 
  2. Three Larger Ridges (Bottom) - This side will also work on most fabrics or surfaces, but the taller ridges make it a better choice for things like thick fleece blankets or deep-pile carpets. To use this side, hold the FurDozer flat, apply pressure, and pull towards you. When using the bottom of the FurDozer, make sure that the FurDozer logo is facing toward you. This ensures that you don’t get resistance from the offset squeegee.
  3. Offset Squeegee - On the bottom of the FurDozer, you’ll see that the fourth ridge is a larger offset squeegee blade. The squeegee works great on smooth surfaces like sheets. It also helps collect and gather loose hair and debris into a pile for pickup. To use the squeegee, hold the FurDozer X3 at a 45-degree angle and pull it towards you.
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