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What Is the Neater Scooper?

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A closer look at the scooper that makes it easier to clean the litter box

If your home is one of the almost 42.7 million cat-loving households in the US, then you’re also the lucky owner of at least one litter box. You love your cat, but her litter, not so much. Scooping litter tends to get a bit messy, but lucky for you, there’s a neater way to scoop.  If you’re tired of spilling litter, and you want a faster, better way to clean your feline friend’s litter box, then meet the Neater Scooper

What Is the Neater Scooper?

When it comes to cleaning out your kitty’s litter box, by now you know the drill; scoop and dump, scoop and dump, then oops, spill. Yuck! 

Well, not anymore! The Neater Scooper’s unique design combines all of your litter cleaning steps into one quick and easy maneuver, minus the spills! The scoop has an attached waste bin, complete with a clever trap door, so when you scoop, your cat’s poop and clumps slide right into the bin with just a simple tilt of your wrist. 

The waste bin includes a scented bag, that has easy-tie handles to seal in unpleasant odors. To detach the scoop, you simply squeeze the bin; there’s no need to touch any part of the scoop other than the handle. You can even store the scoop upside down in the bin, keeping everything you need in one easy-to-reach place.

The scoop measures 5.9 inches long x 5.6 wide x 11.7 inches high, and the opening into the bin is slightly more than 2 inches wide. Although you don’t have to use a bag to use the scoop, the handy bag inserts are what keep the entire process clean and breezy for you. 

Know Your Options

Just like your cat, you have your own personal preferences, which means options are always a good thing. Lucky for you, the Neater Scooper, proudly made in the US, comes in several colors so you can choose the one that fits you and your cat’s style sensibilities. You can select your favorite from blue, gray, tan, pink, or green. Plus, you can decide how many bags you want to start with when you purchase your scoop;  either 15, 60 or 195-count packs. When you run low on bags, handy refill options are available in packs of 45, 90, or 180. 

Picture of someone scooping with the Neater Scooper

Why Use the Neater Scooper?

Besides the fact that the Neater Scooper allows you to clean your cat’s littler box more efficiently by putting everything you need in one place, it’s also a whole lot more sanitary. The scoop’s all-in-one design and high handle eliminate personal contact with the litter, and it also cuts down on the amount of litter dust that can make its way onto nearby surfaces and linger in the air. This makes the Neater Scooper a healthier choice for you and your pet.

Avoid Problems Caused by Contact with Litter

Coming into contact with litter and breathing in litter dust can cause several issues, none of which are very pleasant for you or your cat. One common problem associated with changing out your kitty’s litter box is a condition called toxoplasmosis, caused by a parasite that can enter your system when you inhale litter dust, or even if it unintentionally makes its way into your digestive system. 

Toxoplasmosis can cause fever, fatigue, headaches, enlarged lymph nodes, and body aches; in some cases, antibiotics may be needed to fight the infection. People with compromised immune systems, and pregnant women, are the most susceptible, but reducing the amount of exposure you have to litter is always a good practice, no matter what your level of risk. 

Handling your cat’s litter also opens up the door to pick up other bacteria, like E. coli, which causes severe stomach cramps and diarrhea and needs to be treated with antibiotics. E. coli can make its way into your digestive system through inadvertently ingesting cat feces. Eww, right? Of course, hopefully, you wash your hands after you deal with your pet’s litter box, but wouldn’t you rather not have any direct contact with your cat’s waste? 

Another factor to consider when it comes to litter is any allergies that you might have to certain components in the litter or just dust in general. The more you handle litter, the more dust you kick up into the air, increasing your odds (and your cat’s odds) of inhaling it into your lungs. Dust is a pretty common allergen that can cause respiratory issues for you and your cat; it’s also especially dangerous for anyone (human or animal) that has asthma. If your or your kitty breathe in litter dust, it can cause irritation that has the potential to trigger a dangerous asthma attack. 

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Take a Look at What Others Are Saying About This Awesome Scoop

Pet owners love a cleaner, easier way to pick up pet waste. Who wouldn’t? Here’s what some recent Neater Scooper users have had to say about their experience with this unique, all-in-one scoop:

“Love!! This is such a better way to clean your litter box. Easily use one hand to clean up.”

 - Erika R.

“Great Product! Easy and very convenient to use this product, wish I had known about it years ago.”

 - Tera M.

“So easy to clean the litter box and then throw away. No mess. Keeps my hands clean. So I keep the litter box much cleaner.”

- Claudia I.

“My cat and I love these products! The scooper is amazing; it literally changed my perspective on cleaning the kitty box out! It’s so easy to use!” 

- Heather M.

“It is absolutely the BEST scooper out there!! It is so easy to use and quicker and less mess! I just LOVE IT - every cat owner needs this!!!” 

- JR2

Someone grabbing a bag for the Neater Scooper

Not Just for Cats!

When you hear the words “litter box,” or “litter scoop,” you probably automatically picture cats, but even dogs can be trained to use a litter box. In fact, a recent Neater Scooper fan (Louise N.) had this to say about the scoop, “I have a very tiny dog and she uses a litter box. This product is perfect!!” If you decide to try the scoop out on dog litter, keep in mind that the scoop is designed to work with clumping and non-clumping litter, but not pellets. 

Of course, cats usually naturally know what to do with a litter box, but if you are using a litter box for your dog, you’ll have to train him. Plan to incorporate the litter box into your pup’s potty training and crate training. When it’s time for him to do his business, lead him to the litter box so he starts to associate it with the place that he is expected to use the bathroom.

Cleaning the litter box has never been considered a fun thing to do, but it can be easier. Keep your hands and floors litter-free when you scoop and add the Neater Scooper to your arsenal of pet-care products. At Neater Pets, we have a number of items that can help your cat perform at her peak, like incredible slow-feed bowls that help prevent unpleasant issues like scarf-and-barf, as well as decorative dishes, stain removers, and more. Ultimately, you are the number one person that takes care of your pet, but our team is always here to lend a helping paw. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips that can help you raise thriving, happy pets!


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