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Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dog on a Rainy Day

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Keeping an active dog entertained on a rainy day can sometimes be challenging. If the rain’s coming down too hard to play outside or go for a walk, you might find Fido getting extra frisky. Luckily, several rainy day activities for dogs will keep your pup engaged and out of trouble when you need to hang up the leash. Plus, you'll have fun, too.

The next time the rain throws a wrench into your puppy plans, have a training session or check out some dog-friendly shops. You can also teach your furry friend to play hide-and-seek or let them have some solo fun with interactive toys or treat puzzles. If your dog loves to dig, get an indoor digging mat to keep them amused (and from digging up the couch cushions).

No one likes to be stuck inside on a rainy day. But with a good backup plan, you can turn your pup's frown upside down. Who knows, they might have so much fun that they can't wait to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window.

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Rainy Day Fun for You and Your Dog

Make the most of every rainy day with your faithful pooch by spending some quality time together. Here are some ideas that are sure to chase away your rainy day blues.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

You can play this popular game in a couple of different ways with your dog. First, grab your pup’s favorite toy or a yummy treat and hide it under a bunch of pillows or a blanket. Watch your dog have a blast trying to find their prize.

Once your dog gets the idea, you can increase the challenge by hiding the object in different locations. Another fun way to play hide and seek with your dog is for you to hide and let them find you. 

Make sure you have a treat at the ready to reward them when they discover your hiding spot. It might take some time to teach your pup this version of the game, but it’s tons of fun once they catch on.

Have an Extra Training Session

Take advantage of rainy days to incorporate some extra training for your dog. Keep it positive, which is how training should be anyway, and your dog will enjoy the extra bonding time. (They’ll also appreciate the additional training treats).

You can reinforce some behaviors your dog already knows or work on a new trick or two. Make sure to take breaks between your sessions to play and relax with your pup.

Give Your Pup a Doggy Massage

Have your dog lie down in a relaxed position and start by gently petting them. Then, starting at the head and working your way down, spend some time on each area. 

For example, gently rub your pup’s ear flaps for about 30 seconds. Then, work your way to the shoulder area, the front legs, front paws, etc. For each spot, spend about 30 seconds to a minute. 

Your dog will love it, but it’s also relaxing for you and an excellent way to increase trust. Giving your dog regular massages is also a perfect way to discover hidden pet lumps and bumps

Snuggle Up and Watch a Movie

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie when it’s storming outside? Pop yourself a bowl of popcorn, grab some PupCorn for your dog, and put on a dog-friendly movie. 

If it’s one of those days where the rain keeps coming down, a movie is a good change of pace. It’s a great way to take a break from your indoor play sessions.

Make a Fun Dog Video

If you don’t feel like watching a movie, how about making your own? Shoot some fun videos of your pup and upload them to your favorite social media platform. You can also have an impromptu photo shoot with your pet and create some lasting memories on camera.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Shop

Don’t worry if you start to go a little stir crazy being stuck inside all day. There are plenty of dog-friendly stores that allow you to bring Fido along on your shopping expedition. 

Create a Doggy Obstacle Course

If your dog loves to be active and gets particularly frustrated when they can’t run outside, give them a challenge. Set up an agility course for your dog in your house. You can create an obstacle course using things in your home or purchase dog agility training equipment.

Provide opportunities for your dog to climb over and under objects, jump over things, go through tunnels, and more. Make sure to have a treat waiting for your pup at the end of the course.

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Ways to Entertain Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Playing with your dog is tons of fun, but what about the rainy days when you need to work? How can you keep your pup happy when stuck inside alone on a rainy day?

Set Up a Digging Mat

Dogs love to dig. It’s just something they do, and some pups like to dig more than others. If your dog can go outside, this might not be a problem. Perhaps you have a particular spot in your backyard set up so they can dig to their heart’s content.

But when a dog that adores digging can’t go outside, your couch cushions become a tempting alternative. Save your furniture and help your dog with a dig mat. You can also create a digging pit by making a classic ball pit using a kiddie pool. Put your pup’s favorite toys or treats in the bottom to keep them digging where you want them.

Use a Treat Puzzle

Treat puzzles are a fun way to keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated. They come in all sorts of sizes and styles and allow your dog to challenge themselves.

Give Your Dog a Lick Mat

An indoor play session helps pass the time inside, but you can also give them a fun and challenging way to eat their treats. For example, spreading some peanut butter on the Neat-Lik Mat will keep your dog entertained and focused. Your dog has something to do, and you can take a little break.

Schedule a Puppy Playdate

Do you have a friend who’s likely looking for a way to keep their dog amused? Consider scheduling a playdate for your pups to get together and have some fun. You get to socialize, too, so it’s a win-win.

Rain, Rain Go Away…But Until You Do, We’ll Play Anyway

Rainy days don’t have to end your dog’s fun (or yours). All you need are some ideas on making the most of things when the sky goes gray. Playing indoor fetch or hide and seek is sure to keep your dog happy. You can also provide an extra challenge with an indoor agility course or interactive toys and treat puzzles. 

When it’s time to take a break, watch a movie with your pup, have some snuggle time, or give your dog a massage. Rainy days can be a great way to build the bond between you and your pup.

If you need even more ideas and tips on how to help your dog be their happiest and healthiest, make sure to check out the rest of our blog. We’re always adding fresh content so you can find exactly what you need to know to be a fantastic pet parent.

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