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10 Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bowl

white goldendoodle dog using neater feeder bowl

Are you looking for a new bowl for your pet? You may have noticed that some bowls are raised off the ground, and some sit right on the ground.  There are many reasons that your dog would benefit from a raised bowl. There are even certain medical conditions that your dog may have that your vet would recommend you elevate your dog's bowls.  This article will explain why you may want to consider getting a raised bowl for your dog and what are some of the best, raised bowls for your dog.

What is an elevated dog bowl?

An elevated dog bowl is just like it sounds; it is a dog bowl that is raised off the ground.  When many people think of dog bowls, they see two bowls sitting on the ground. While this may be fine for some dogs, there are many reasons that a dog would benefit from a bowl that was a little higher up.   

black lab dog using elevated feeder bowl

Top 10 Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bowl

1. Better posture

When you raise your dog's bowl, you will help improve their posture.  Bending over all the time drinking water and eating food from bowls on the floor can cause bad posture that can lead to back problems in your dog.

2. Comfort While Eating 

When you elevate your dog's bowls, you are helping to make them more comfortable when they are eating.  Older dogs usually have arthritis and joint pain.  Having to bend over to eat and drink constantly can be very painful.  

3. Certain Medical Conditions Require a Raised Bowl

Certain medical conditions, such as megaesophagus, can cause your dog to need elevated dog bowls.  By elevating your dog's bowls, it will help food move down their esophagus easier. 

4. Helps With Swallowing

Elevated dog bowls will help with swallowing.  When your dog has to bend over to drink water or eat food, they have to move food and water against gravity up the esophagus into the stomach.  When you elevate their bowls, it makes swallowing much easier.  

5. Slows Down Fast Eaters

Dogs who are known to eat fast can benefit from an elevated bowl.  This can slow them down when eating because they have to eat at a more upright position. Also, slow feeder bowls are great to use with dogs who tend to eat very fast. Neater Pets makes a slow feeder bowl that is also elevated and is a great choice for and elevated dog bowl for dogs who eat very fast. 

6. Keep Dogs From Lying Down While Eating

If your dog is lying down when they are eating, this is usually the first sign that their bowls are not high enough.  When they lay down, this is putting them in a more relaxed position to eat. Laying down and eating can cause problems with digestion.  By elevating your dog's bowls, you will allow your dogs to be in a more comfortable position that will help with digestion. 

7. Easier For You to Get to the Bowl  

By elevating your dog’s bowls, you are making them easier for you to reach.  Older people may have problems with arthritis and have difficulty bending over. If your dog's bowls are elevated, it makes it easier for you to give them food and water. 

8. Keeps Feeding Area Cleaner

If your dog's bowls are elevated, it is easier to keep the feeding area clean.  Your dog is also less likely to make a mess with bowls that are closer to their mouths.  Large dogs such as mastiffs may drip water out of their mouths after drinking. By elevating your dog's bowls, they will make less of a mess with their food and water. A great choice for a bowl to help with a dog who drool after drinking water is a Neater Feeder.  These bowls come in many different sizes and also come with leg extensions to elevate your dog's bowls. 

9. Prevents Playing in the Bowl

Many dogs and puppies love to play in their water bowl.  Some will even carry their bowls around the house. Most elevated dog bowls are in a stand that cannot be easily carried around the house.  By elevating your dog’s bowls, you will spend less time drying off your dog and floor because it is more difficult for your dog to play in their water bowl.  

10. Helps Bowls Stay In Place

Elevated dog bowls come in a stand that cannot be easily knocked over. Some dogs will scoot their bowls across the floor with their nose or may run into them when playing in the house. These stands stay in place much easier than bowls that sit on the floor. 

three neater feeders for dogs

How to Pick Out The Perfect Bowl?

When looking for an elevated bowl, there are many different kinds and sizes to choose from. There is not one bowl that will fit the needs of every dog and every dog owner.  When looking at the sizes of bowls, there are ways to measure your dog and pick out the best size for your dog. It is best to determine the size that you need by measuring your dog from their shoulders to the ground.  Then subtract about 3 to 6 inches. This is about the height of the bowl that you want. There are many different types of bowls for you to pick from that are elevated. The bowl you pick will all depend on what type of dog you have. 

Stylish Bowls

There are bowls that are more decorated and may fit in with the décor in your house. Our Angled Wooden Pet Feeder with Ceramic Bowls are created with a stylish wood stand and durable metal legs making it perfect for any modern kitchen.

Angled Wooden Pet Feeder with Ceramic Bowls

Bowls for Dogs That Make Messes

If your dog makes a big mess while eating, there are Neater Pet bowls that help collect any water that your dog may knock out of their bowl. 

Bowls for a Dog Who Eats Fast

If your dog is a fast eater, there are slow feeder bowls to help make them slow down while eating that can also be elevated. These bowls have many small indentations that your dog has to maneuver around to get to their food. 

There are many reasons that you would want to feed your dog from an elevated dog bowl, when looking for a bowl there are different types of bowls that you need to consider.  Most of these bowls have multiple purposes that you need to consider. When looking for a great elevated dog bowl, Neater Pets has a great selection of dog bowls for you to pick from that will help keep your dog happy and healthy for years. 

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