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Not Just for Pets: 8 Different Uses for Neater Mats

Grey Neater Mat

You love your pets, messes and all, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like things to be a bit neater. If your furry friend gets as much food on the floor as they do in their stomach, a Neater Mat saves the day. It contains spilled kibble and food and also keeps water from getting all over your floor. But these useful mats aren’t just for messy chow times. Use Neater Mats throughout your home (and even in your car) to make life easier and cleaner.

Cappuccino Neater Mat with food on it

Highlights of the Neater Mat

If your cat or dog eats fast, they likely also make a mess. Maybe you already have a Neater Mat for this very reason, so food doesn’t end up rolling all over your kitchen. But did you know that you can do a lot more with this product than use it for your pets?

Here are a few key highlights of the Neater Mat that make it such a versatile addition to your home.

  • Easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Raised edges that easily contain spills and messes
  • Slip-resistant silicone keeps the mat in place
  • Non-toxic and food-safe
  • Folds easily, making it suitable for travel and easy to store
  • Available in three different sizes: Small: 16" x 10" x .5", Medium: 19" x 12" x .5", Large: 24" x 16" x .5"
  • Comes in various colors, making it easy to complement your home or car

8 Creative Ways to Use the Neater Mat

Using a Neater Mat under your dog or cat’s dishes is a great way to keep your floors clean and contain mealtime messes. But the Neater Mat isn’t just for keeping your pet’s space clean. This slip-resistant, easy-to-clean silicone tray is great for so much more, so don’t stop with just one.

1. Contain Crafts with a Neater Mat

Whether you’re into making jewelry, crafting with the kids, or any other artsy endeavors, add the Neater Mat to your must-have supplies. It keeps things contained, so you don’t have to worry about beads rolling onto the floor or paint splattering on your table.

After your latest masterpiece, fold up the mat and take it to the trash can to dispose of any scraps. Then, you can simply rinse the mat off at the sink or put it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up. Before doing this, make sure that the material on the mat is safe for your sink or dishwasher. Things like resin should not be rinsed down your sink. But it can be wiped off with a wet paper towel. So when it doubt, just use a wet paper towel to wipe clean.  

2. Make a Resting Place for Dirty Shoes

When you come inside and kick off your heels, the last thing you want is dirt or mud from outside ending up on your floors. It’s good practice to take off your shoes when you’re in your house. The Neater Mat works great as a landing place for dirty boots and shoes. 

Place shoes on the Neater Mat to protect your floors and collect the muck. When it’s time to clean the mat, you can roll it up easily, so you don’t have to worry about any of the dirt falling onto your floor. Take it outside, shake it, hose it off, let it dry, and you’re back in business.

3. Provide the Perfect Surface for Science Experiments

Do aspiring scientists in your home want to constantly create volcanoes or make DIY slime? Roll out the Neater Mat and let them go to town without worrying about the mess. The raised edges on the mat will keep liquids and other goop from spilling out onto your table and floor.

4. Protect Your Car from Messy Situations Using a Neater Mat

Keep a Neater Mat (or two) in your car for the next time you load up plants from the garden store or dirty tools from a recent fix-it job. 

Soft silicone makes the mat easy to fold and roll, making storage a breeze. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s a no-brainer to take on the go for whatever messes life throws your way. (Not to mention, it’s easy to bring it along on a road trip with your pet.)

5. Use When Potting Plants

Use a Neater Mat as a surface prep area in your home garden station for potting plants or creating an herb garden. The mat corrals the dirt, so clean-up is easy. It also protects surfaces from water that drains from potted plants.

6. Turn It Into a Play-Doh Play Mat

Do you tend to cringe when your kids ask if they can pull out the Play-Doh or modeling clay? Right away, you start envisioning little bits of the colorful dough smooshing into your carpet and furniture. Well, now you can make your kid’s day by telling them yes.

Kids can mash, mold, roll, and squish to their hearts’ content when they have the Neater Mat as their Play-Doh play zone. The mat keeps all the little chunks where they belong, and you can relax.

7. Create an Easy-to-Clean Coffee Station

Place a Neater Mat under your Keurig, coffee pot, or drink-making device of choice. Choose the size that works best for your kitchen or bar area, and create your favorite beverage without worrying about the mess.

The mat contains the inevitable splashes and spills and gives your coffee station a more organized and clean look for when you have guests. At the end of the day, after everyone’s made their drinks, toss the mat in the top rack of your dishwasher and run with your usual load of dishes.

8. An Aid in Puppy Potty Training 

When you’re potty training a puppy, the goal is to get them to do their business outside. But sometimes, because of your living situation, limited mobility, and other unique reasons, you can’t always make that happen. 

In these situations, potty pads can be useful. Placing a Large Neater Mat under the pads adds an extra layer of protection for your floors and simplifies clean-up.

Grey Neater Mat being rinsed off in sink

The Neater Mat Goes Way Beyond Messy Pets

As you can see, the Neater Mat is a versatile mess-proof accessory for your home or car. Although you might have discovered it because of your less-than-dainty pets, you can use it for so much more. Whether it becomes your go-to prep surface for drinks or the ultimate playmat for your kids, you’ll find plenty of ways to incorporate this flexible mat into your everyday life.

Are you already using the Neater Mat in a creative way? Share your ideas in the comments. For more helpful tips on making life with your pets amazing, check out the rest of the Neater Pets blog.



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