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7 Easy DIY Pet Projects

Cat looking at paint

If you’re crafty, handy, or just like being creative, then making some fun and useful things for your pets can be a good idea. Whether you’re building toy storage or coming up with a clever way to organize your pal’s tastiest treats, something is rewarding in doing it yourself. If you’re ready to tackle some DIY pet projects, start here to find some inspiration and the know-how to make it happen.

DIY Pet Organizers

Pets add a whole lot of love to your life, and they also add a whole lot of stuff. You need to store food, tons of toys, leashes, grooming supplies, and sometimes even pet clothes and accessories.

Having an effective way to organize your pet's belongings makes a big difference in how your home looks and functions. Plus, it makes caring for your furry friend a breeze.

You can always buy some handy pet storage solutions, but if you want to put a more personal spin on things, you can make some. Try out these creative and fun ideas for organizing your pet's prized possessions.


Home Organization: Pet Supplies

Hanging Pet Organization Station

Keep your pal's items from cluttering the floor by utilizing some versatile hanging storage. All you need is a pegboard, hooks, and various storage bags and containers. 

You can use a craft machine, like the Cricut, to create labels like Happiness is Homemade did for their design. Or you can print adhesive labels, use markers, chalkboard paint, or more.

The great thing about this project is the versatility. You can vary the size, switch up configurations to fit what you need, and tweak it as your lifestyle and pet routines change.


Mod Podge Rocks

Pet Toy Box

Between all dog bones, cat wands, toy mice, and squeaky animals, pet toys can take over your space before you know it. Therefore, it's time to make the perfect place to toss your companion's toys, from your cat’s favorite jingly ball to your dog's much-loved Rolly Cannoli.

This DIY pet toy box by Mod Podge Rocks lets you turn a wood bin into a space for your pal's toys that can complement your home's decor, show off your pet's personality, or simply reflect your personal style. Gather up paint, paper, ribbon, and other embellishments to make it your own. You'll also need some Mod Podge Gloss, glue, scissors, a flat paintbrush, a ruler, stencil tape, and paints.

Consider adding some wheels (the kind you can lock into place) to the bottom. This way, you can easily roll the bin out of the way when you're cleaning or expecting company.


Evan and Katelyn

Hidden-in-Plain-View Cat Organization Station

Okay, so if you're the proud parent of a fine feline, it's safe to assume you don't like having your cat's litter box in plain view. Plus, your kitty probably would rather do their thing in private too.

This hidden haven is the perfect solution. Not only does it hide away your cat's litter, giving them easy access, it also stores food and water bowls, additional supplies and has a secret getaway spot for your kitty.

Evan and Katelyn used an IKEA cabinet for their cat cave, but any similar piece will do along with a kitty door and a jigsaw.



Cute Food Storage

Every pet's gotta eat, which means you'll always need to store some kibble and treats. You can use a variety of different sizes of jars and tins to create cute food storage for your furry family.

The popular Christmas popcorn tins work great for a large option, which is what Tidy Mom used, along with some spray paint, ribbon, and vinyl machine labels. But, you can put your own spin on it with various embellishments and unique labels.

DIY Pet Furniture

From food stands to pet beds and beyond, dogs and cats can end up acquiring quite a bit of their own furniture. Instead of buying pre-fab pieces, create something unique. Try these clever ideas to start.



Ultimate Pet Station

Breathe new life into a roll-top or secretary desk (or any tall style desk) with this all-in-one pet station idea. It's especially great for dog and cat combo households since the upper portion gives your feline friend a place to rest and eat without the dog trying to steal the cat kibble.

This is one option by GoodsHomeDesign, but you can configure your pet station in so many ways. For example, if it's just for cats, the bottom is an excellent spot for the litter box. If you only have dogs, the top could turn into a grooming station and storage. You'll need a jigsaw to cut out holes for the dishes, some basics like a screwdriver and hammer, and whatever embellishments and storage containers you desire. It's all up to your imagination!


My So Called Crafty Life

Posh Upcycled Pet Bed

Your pet deserves only the best, so why not create a posh and sophisticated bed for your fur baby? All you need is an end table ready to be upcycled, some finials, paint, pillow or cushion, and the embellishments of your choice.

This version from My So Called Crafty Life uses fun colors, paint details, and a personalized flag banner. You can keep it simple or get as fancy as you want. The sky’s the limit! Just flip the table over, decorate and put a pillow or a cushion in the base.


Mox & Fodder

Retro Suitcase Bed

If you prefer a more vintage, quirky look, this retro suitcase turned pet bed idea from Mox & Fodder is the answer. All you need is an old vintage suitcase, paint, screwdriver, hammer, pillow or pet bed, and some determination. (Sometimes, it can get tricky removing the lid of the suitcase.)

Tips for Creating Amazing DIY Pet Projects

No matter what DIY pet project you decide to tackle, here are a few helpful pointers to ensure your success:

  • Choose projects that will truly be useful and work with your lifestyle. Simply making something because it’s cute, but you never end up using it, just adds more clutter to your home. 
  • Make sure you read through the steps carefully before proceeding so you have an overview of the complete project. If you can’t find a clear set of steps, write out your own, so you have an easy-to-follow guide as you work. 
  • Gather all of your supplies and ensure you have everything you need before beginning your project. 
  • When dealing with measurements, take your time. The old advice holds true, measure twice (or three or four times) and cut once.
  • Take pictures throughout the process; you might want to share your DIY adventure with others when it’s all done. 
  • Don’t be afraid to make some tweaks to the design. You want your creation to work best for you and your pet.
  • Be patient. If you start to get tired, take a break and come back to it later. Remember, DIY projects should be fun. If it starts to feel like a chore, you might be better off choosing a different project or buying ready-made pet organizers.

Now that you have the ideas and inspiration, it's time to choose your faves, gather your supplies, and start creating! For more fun ideas on things you can do to make a pet-friendly home, check out the rest of our blog. Happy creating!

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