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"Thank you for this invention!!!! I have a deaf and going blind 15 year old. She would scratch and scratch at her water bowl until she tipped it over. Or I had to sit with her and put my hand in the bowl until she starting drinking from my hand. This has been a lifesaver for both of us. I bought two! One for home and at the cottage. I've been sharing my happy news with everyone!!! Thanks again!"

Caryn D.

"Thank you! You are a sanity-saver. I have cats who like to pull food out of bowls, knock over bowls, etc. Your Neater Feeders have kept them from doing that, and I am so grateful! Love the Neater Feeders!"

Mary Edith B.

"We have three large boxers babies in our home who all love to drink water at the same time and love getting it all over the floor! I was so tired of keeping towels under the bowls. Not only was it gross from all the dog drool, but it looked horrible too in our brand new home. So after reading many reviews of the Neater Feeder, I decided to buy two! Best decision ever! There's no more need for towels under the bowls and all three boxers can still drink water out of the same bowl! I love these bowls and so do our boxers!"

Ashley R.


"We recently adopted a Doberman and were warned by the vet that our new 65lb puppy needs to eat slowly b/c this breed can fatally invert their stomachs if they eat too quickly. We tried everything from Kong's, to scooping one tablespoon at a time, to cookie sheets and had no luck. I found the Neater Feeder and instantly, our pup was forced to eat slowly! No more worrying. Meal times used to be incredibly stressful for us and now they are no big deal. THANK YOU Neater Feeder for solving such a stressful part of our day!"
Lauren H.


"Bought the bronze in large for our two boxers. Worth every penny. We always had issues with mat getting wet and it got worse when one dog was put on lasiks and started drinking a lot more. We had standing water under the soaked mat by the end of the day. With this product our problem has been solved!!!!"


"Thank you. Our cat throws his food around when he eat. We were constantly stepping on hard food and would wake-up in the morning to wet food stuck to the floor. We bought the Neater Feeder and we are virtually mess free. It's so much easier to clean the excess food from the Neater Feeder than sweeping off the floor a few times a day. The first day we introduced the Neater Feeder the cat was a little confused and seemed annoyed that it was catching the food he was discarding. After a couple of days he didn't even notice and now loves the raised bowl."


"Since getting the Neater Feeder I haven't had to pick up dog food or wipe up spilled water. We live in a small home and the only place to put our dog's food and water is in the laundry room by the washer and dryer. This was a problem at times when the dog spilled food or water which was everyday. I had to sweep food out from under the appliances and I sometimes got wet socks when loading and unloading the washer. Since we started using the Neater Feeder nothing has been spilled and my socks have stayed dry."
Erin C.

"I was so intrigued by the Neater Pet dog feeder my niece got, that I ordered a medium feeder for my dog. Since she's an arthritic senior, I didn't want her to go up and down steps to her bowls in the kitchen. With my old feeder I have to use a boot mat underneath, although some water still goes through one hole, it's a pain. Still water everywhere. My Neater Feeder is in my bedroom, no mats or towels. The extensions are great. It's the BEST! No clean up, other than empty the reservoir. My girl adapted quickly to her new bowls, once I put a treat in the food bowl. She really likes it. This is a phenomenal product. I could kick myself for not finding it sooner. Thank you!"
Karen I.